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Hello and good day! My name is Yarkario LU! Furry artist ( Not an actual furry ), Service Vet 8+ Years! Sim builder, and soon to be IT dweeb.
I love to draw in ms paint, and mess with second life photo shooting! I used to dream weave back in the day. You know, when furcadia was a thing, teaming with Role Play and imagination. I used to Create custom patches, dream layouts, and even ran a guild! It was fun, but sadly, it is mostly all dead now.

But now a days i simply weave a universe, bit by bit. Why? No reason, because i can! No one will tolerate or have me around for reasons unknown. So it is seperate from any and all so called RP groups. So it is all stand alone and self contained, cross overs only existant with close friends.

I have been, experincing alot of ups and downs, as i get used to civilian life and how it works. But i am trying to normalize, and get into the swing of things! So, bear with me! I am anything but perfect. But i try and improve myself, atleast.
However, Feel free to take a look around at my art!

I appreciate all support :D by rJoyceyy A Mouse Artist Stamp by nirman :thumb148549887: PC User by ppgrainbow
STAMP: I Heart Coffee by zungzwang :thumb527600512: Stamp Request: World Builder by AvidCommenter Fixedwhatwasneverbroken by YarkarioLu

Think by YarkarioLu Investigate by YarkarioLu ILikeStamps by YarkarioLu JustNo by YarkarioLu

I love MEMES by YarkarioLu Hey by YarkarioLu Attack helicopter 2 by YarkarioLu Spiciest Memelord by YarkarioLu
Attack helicopter by YarkarioLu K Nuckle by YarkarioLu Evil Patrick by YarkarioLu Put it on my face by YarkarioLu
I am loving it by YarkarioLu Covfefe by YarkarioLu Fight Fire With Memes by YarkarioLu The octahedron of power by YarkarioLu
LEg by YarkarioLu Thanos Did Nothing Wrong by YarkarioLu Npc by YarkarioLu Yeet by YarkarioLu

Mature Content

I love headscissors DA edition by YarkarioLu

Mature Content

The Elegant Snake Strangles her Prey by YarkarioLu

I Used to Roleplay. But. Well not any more.

And this here, is for the people that like to talk behind my back;
I got Haters Stamp by WaterBlizzard :thumb288795204: Haters-Stalking-Me-Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Yarkario Lu by YarkarioLu

I run on caffeine, sarcasm and inappropriate thoughts.

" why you keep asking that? i find you reather fasinating like a artsy lost film form the 1970s animatio nstyle or a artsy game liek space funeral or Wiskiere i think it was call, something just random and biazzar to explore within your universe and mine colidding, and its all in a good way " - Anon

" You're the Salvador Dali of MS paint." - Anon

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Big War, The guardians of the galaxy, THEY LIVE, Network, Spiderwick Chronicals, Narnia(s), Starwars, Golden Compass, The Long Kiss Goodnight, All Star treks, Hals walking castle, LOTR, Matrix, The Greenzone, Brave New world
Favourite TV Shows
Trigun, Battlestar Galactica, Cowboy Bebop, Bill Nye, Beyond the Wormhole, NOVA*back in the day*, *Pending*
Favourite Books
Larry Nivens Ringworld, Warhammer 40K, National Geographic, World Encyclopedias,
Favourite Writers
Larry Niven.
Favourite Games
Bioshock, Half-Life 2, Dawn of war, C & C Red Alert(s), Dune, Red Faction(s), All elder scrolls,
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Xbox.
Tools of the Trade
MS paint (concerning this website )
Other Interests
Weight Lifting, Astronomy, biology, MS Paint, World Building.

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Hey How goes it? Have not seen you in a long while. And I see you have a few Imitators!

yooo whered your art go?

Oh i never stopped drawing. I moved it over to janis schmidt, then DA downgraded themselves with eclipse. So i stopped sharing it. I can send you a zip file on jumpshare. Be warned i have wrong opinions and it only got weirder yo!