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Hot And Cold


Again, there are only Illustrations to my fanstory… 

Where the spirit of the sun (Radiant) tried to hit on Jack.…

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Oh, they're eyes, got me right  on spot. And is Radiant setting Jack's clothes on fire? Because it looks like it. This is gorgeous, they're gorgeous, you made Jack Frost gorgeous! And I don't even like him! 0-0
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Yes! Radiant is setting Jack's clothes on fire >:)
Thank you! It is a big compliment for me!
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You're welcome! ^^ And whoa then, another plus for the guy, 'cause he's HOT!
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Wow this is so beautiful! I love Jack how he does not want to be with that guy(whats his name?)
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His name is Radiant %) Thank you!
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Ooooohhh,I like his name x3
what kind of spirit is he?
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So the spirit of sun huh or a god?! Wow,I really like your design of Radiant ^^
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He is god 
Thank you...
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He is x3
You're welcome!
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God this is beautiful. I love the design of radiant. His cloths are awesome and I am actually getting lost in his gorgeous eyes. I can see his mine set. The sun is literally the center of the universe. Everything revolves around him. And as such Jack should also be enthralled by his glory. White snow and ice naturally reflect the light of the sun so it should be only natural that Jack should love him. But what he fails to realize is that he is just to overbearing for Jack. Loves this story. I really wanna read it. 
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%)) Just WOW! Thank you!!!!
 Happy that you like it!!! I hope to translate my story into English
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Their eyes tell the whole dialogue:
"I want you"
"How about no?"
"But I want you badly" (So badly, I set your hoodie on fire)
"Still no!" (Fire? Fcuk! This is bad)
Jack's hand says "Hands of me!"
And don't get me started on the radiant sun in the background! So great.
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You really know how to read in the eyes!
it was almost like this %)
At the end  Radiant burned all  Jack's clothes Devilish 
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I'm afraid it's *you* who knows how to convey the dialogue through eyes.

I see what you did there *eyebrow wiggle* DevilishDevilish
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Thank you!I just love this type of moments ;)
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Even though that radiant wants Jack but I'm a blackice shipper so once he gets in Jack's hands he'll probably melt in a heart beat
YaraRaa's avatar
I am a blackice shipper too %) so I will not give to Radiant get all what he wants ;)
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Huh Huh I just got two jokes from my lil bro it's kinda funny
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It's *Dark* and Cold, not Hot and Cold, Radiant >:U You'll melt him!
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I think ​​Radiant  likes the idea to melt Jack but Jack's just obviously disagree with it XD
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He is really a psycho^^ But you captured their emotions very well. The reluctant side of Jack and the more...flirtatous side of Radiant.

Does Radiant love him?
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