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Ashes | Roar of War EBC


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The Wedding ~ a Princess and a Blacksmith


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RotG-Thin Ice: 2

Chapter 2: A Visit The wind whistled, sending snowflakes spinning in mini flurries, as Jack raced along its currents. Diving down out of the wind, Jack landed, as graceful as a cat, on the roof of an apartment complex. With a twirl of his staff, and a wicked grin at the fun to be had, he sent snow and ice cavorting across the town. Snaking over the roof, down the side of the building, and out across the road, designs of frost hid the dirt and wear of the city in a temporary beauty.   Such imaginative creations, every snowflake its own piece of art, the spreading bloom of frost irreparable if sullied, the details of the dance that made the

RotG-Thin Ice

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Welcome to Decked Out!


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Gift: The Elemental Child


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One More Time the Faded Dream

Beautiful Wallpapers and Backgrounds

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I like Stars


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More Human Wall-E Doodles


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|MCSM| Adventures


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August Dragon Sketch Dump

Dragon Queen

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|MCSM| The third wither skull - part 37

Minecraft Comics

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Teen Titans

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Waiting for Dad


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Congrats Ninja Kid!!

Watcher Art

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Ashes | Roar of War EBC

Wolves, Cats, and, Stuffs, Oh my

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Memories from Ogygia

She thinks back occasionally, back into her tear-laden memories and lonely afternoons, but it feels as if she were remembering a distant dream once dreamt. The details are hazy, yes, seen as if through a screen of smoke, but they are there. She will smile now, maybe even laugh, and tell you the story of her life with a glint in her eyes: i.  Lullaby (She sang him to sleep countless times.) She would lie his head in her lap and run a hand through his hair and beard; she would trace the line of his jaw to his cheekbones to the tip of his nose as if tracing stars into constellations. She taught him the constellations, too, one by one, and h


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Breakdown Part 10 page 2

Hero School

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Walk Through Walls, Disappear, and Fly

Danny Phantom

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Minecraft: Nether Update


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The Dragon Prince

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