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Welcome, weary traveler. I am glad you have come to join me here.

You may be curious about this gateway and what it opens into. It doesn't lead to very much, I'm afraid. I should know, for I am the master and keeper of all within.

I will not bore you with a retelling of what has led to its current state, so suffice it to say that adventures rarely come by this way anymore. Sure, there are pieces of childish art and scribbling--why, there are even full-illustrations from my earlier days!--but you may find only one or two, if that, which catch your interest.

Some stories also remain tucked away; browse them if you wish, but they are quite littered with the clear marks of an unexperienced writer.

Pass on if you'd like, or peruse if preferred. Scoff or smile at your leisure. Nonetheless will I remain.

Life is like a sea, dear friend, for it rises and falls. If we by God's grace endure when it falls, we may look back upon the past and learn from our vices and sins. If we pursue its rising, we may put our lessons to practice and advance.

So here I sit, awaiting the next incline; learning and growing; binding my strength in God that I may continue with His light shining brighter than before.

Adventures may yet again arise in this silent hall, for such will I wait. You are welcome in always, and when you leave, I hope you do so with a smile. Until next time.

Was just reminded how hard it can be to say "Sushi Chef hat" quickly. Give it a shot, it might be hard not to smile. XD
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Excuse me while I entertain the random idea of a HTTYD and Tron mixed universe— Heh, How to Tron Your Dragon
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So, for those of you who have kept an eye on my page and wondered where on earth I’ve been, apologies. Let’s jump right in: Story Cancellation?! Well, this one is a bit sad, but it would be better to let ya’ll know instead of continuing to hang you over an edge. As of a while ago, I determined that I was not going to be able to continue writing my Minecraft: Story Mode fic, The Admin’s Reign: A Spark of Hope. The foremost reason that this fic was ultimately laid to rest I don’t plan to give here, but there were other reasons that my activity on the story slowed to a halt. Life, naturally, got in the way a bit, and it took a while before I came back and read the story. When I did reread it, I felt that the pacing was a mess and the writing sloppy, and the perfectionist in me was agitated by that. For a few months I tossed back and forth the options to either continue the story or revamp it. I couldn’t make up my mind, and before I knew it, working on it in any sense fell to the
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Hey, it's been a while! Not going to lie, I started thinking about you when I was posting my most recent chapter of my current story because of Blacksmith and Lilac love XD

How have you been? ^w^

Heya! I’ve recently finished my hardest school year yet, and it has kept me very busy and unfortunately quite uninvolved in art, writing, and reading. I’m beginning to relax into the swing of summer break and I hope I’ll be getting back to my hobbies and reading some good stories. Thanks for thinking of me, it’s nice to know I’m missed. :D

Oh, wow, congrats on finishing, at least O.O

And hey, if you're ever bored or out of things to do, you know where to find my stories! (Shameless plug XD)

Yeah, of course! I love hearing from you whenever I can <3 ^w^

I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! I’m so sorry!! I hope you had an absolutely amazing day! Did you get anything special??
It’s all right XD Thank you for the wishes! I did both have an amazing day and got a couple special things. My best friends took me to lunch and gave me a set of copic markers, and my parents got me a monthly art box subscription for the year. We had a blast together and I’m having plenty of fun with my new “toys.” :D
Hey, that’s awesome! I’m so glad you had a good day!!