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December 6, 2013
Kohaku by ~Yaphleen A truly magneficent masterpiece fan art of Spirited Away. Everything in this artwork is just so perfect, I especially love the contrast between the colours and lighting. Its just wonderful ( Also suggested by GreyRadian )
Featured by Ry-Spirit
Suggested by Ginryuzaki
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Also on tumblr

DO NOT REPRODUCE, EDIT/RENDER my illustrations in any ways.

If you see this art for sale do not buy it. It is not me.

Old drawing but new colouring.

It's a mix between 2 scenes.
When Chihiro and Haku fall from the sky and the flashback when chihiro was younger and lost one of her shoes on the kohaku river (the shoe is on the botton)

There's a lot of errors in the lineart.
It was more a colouring exercise for me.

Photoshop CS3
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© 2013 - 2021 Yaphleen
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Wow, after looking at the Shape of Water poster and now this I can see some big similarities. 
yumemiruart's avatar
I love the texture and atmosphere
Soarleth's avatar
Like your interpretation, it makes me feel so nostalgic, need to watch this movie again...
Lalottered's avatar
I discovered this artwork on a t-shirt in a London market. Didn't buy it though, but at the time I wished. Now I'm glad I didn't. You would have gotten no credit! (You should consider selling t-shirts of your art, though, it looks really good!)
graphicspark's avatar
I'm not sure if you're aware but people are selling this as a T-shirt on a Ghibli Facebook page
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Yokoboo's avatar
I found your artwork on this store, did they ask for permission or is it theft?…
Morbidouce's avatar
I wonder if you are aware of this site selling your artwork on their shirts, even if there is a mention of you in the description ?…
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Wowww..That's very impressive..
Wicketcity's avatar
this is so beautiful, one of my favorite movies!!
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I just love this guy so much.
TrippLotus's avatar
Someone is trying to sell this as a shirt over here--…
celdragon's avatar
apparantly they started with a second shirt…

dislike seeing art stolen -.- 
They are trying to get to him so they can pay him for that.
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How on earth does that make it okay to start selling before even contacting the artist? The artist obviously does not want this to be sold on anything or he'd be doing it himself.
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My favorite from all of studio ghibil flims <3
Where can I buy this as a poster?
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