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Malazan Races and Approximate Heights

By YapAttack
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A tribute to Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Esselemont's Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Remember that these characters are how 'I' envisioned them. If you see something you might have done differently please give me your feedback and I might even change it for you!

Edit #1: Enlongated Raest's tusks
Edit #2: Made Karsa taller
Edit #3: Replaced Caladan Brood with Hetan for Barghast race
Edit #4: Added Calm for Forkrul Assail race
Edit #5: Added Twist for Moranth race
Edit #6: Added Trull for Tiste Edur race
Edit #7: Added L'oric for Tiste Liosan race

Feel free to check out some of the other stuff I've cooked up for the series! 

Heboric: Ex Priest of Fener by YapAttack Icarium: The Chaser of Time by YapAttack Fiddler: Sapper, 9th Squad by YapAttack 
Quick Ben: The Squad Mage by YapAttack Mok: The Third by YapAttack Bauchelain: The Summoner by YapAttack 
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Absolutely fantastic artwork.
I would love to see artwork by you of Apsalar & a few of the Crimson Guard, especially Skinner, Shimmer, Iron bars & Mara.
YapAttack's avatar
Sadly I've taken a break from Malazan for the immediate future (The fun of being a burgeoning adult...) Hopefully I'll have time to return to this universe and these characters!
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Amazing work, detail and perfect rendition of the malazan characters!!!just inspiring!!!
YapAttack's avatar
Thank you so much!!!
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Love all of these characters. Hoping you'll create Kulp, Baudin, Duiker, etc.
It makes reading the books nicer having a face to go with the character.
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Glad I could help :)
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Don't know where you are in your read, but osserc and trull are two names to watch out for for drawings.
YapAttack's avatar
For sure! I'm midway through Midnight Tides so Trull and Osserc are definitely in the works.
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This is absolutely fenomenal!
YapAttack's avatar
Glad you like it Robkos!
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Icarium now please
YapAttack's avatar
Haha dw he's in the works!
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please make more malazan art.You are great!!!
YapAttack's avatar
I have no plans on stopping quite yet! Thanks for the support!:D (Big Grin) 
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This is fucking awesome!
Shadaan's avatar
I know right?!
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Ahahaha, Brood isn't quite Barghast...wait until you read Forge of Darkness. :D
YapAttack's avatar
Haha a redditor commented on this pic and kinda spoiled it... but I'm gonna replace Caladan with Hetan to get more female diversity in here. Thanks for the two cents though! Every comment is appreciated :)
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Arrgghhhh, I hate spoilers. I'm sorry for your loss. :(
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