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  • Please do not post any comments to bash the group or members.
  • Please do not submit any materials that is not yours or you do not have the permission to post.


Submission Rule

  • Submission is allowed 1 per day.
  • Submission must be sent to the correct folder otherwise it will be declined.


Submission Expired?

You are free to comment on it or resubmit it. Sometimes things just get busy ne

Thank you.


  • You will automatically be kicked out from the group-no warning.

  • Your stolen art will be posted in the group blog along with your name.


These are our fellow affiliates within deviantart. If you would like to send us an invitation you are welcome to.


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Hello!! This is Decora-Chan , your new founder of the group :D !! I wanted to announce that this group is being revamped and will be even more active than ever!!!

The first thing that I noticed was WOW SO MANY OF THE ADMINS HAVE BEEN NOT ACTIVE SINCE 2012 WHAT?!

So I have booted them out of the position, and am now looking for more admins to help with accepting and declining submissions!! if you are interested in becoming an admin, please note me, Decora-Chan, personally to be considered!!

The folders have a limit of one submission per day, but as a contributor, you get 3 submissions a day!! and cofounders get unlimited submissions a day!! If you are an admin your stuff doesn't need to get approved, as it's auto approved!!

If you have any questions, feel free to speak up! Let's work together to make the group prosper even more~ Also any suggestions on how to make the group grow even more is appreciated, feedback is always welcome!! <3
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