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Mission Statement

This group has 3 main goals; 1) provide a welcoming and friendly environment for web comic creators and lovers, 2) promote positive discussions and educational on related topics, 3) and provide the BEST list of related comics.

A NSFW companion


Web Comic Criteria:

At least one main character is a homosexual or bisexual man. The comic does NOT have to be about or include a romantic relationship. Shounen Ai and Doujinshi are welcome.

Comic List:

Update information for each comic should pop-up when you roll over the title. Also, shown is a page count approximation, the creators dA account(s) and any associated group. Comics with a line through them have not updated in three months or more. Completed comics are on the bottom with a red bullet. One * indicates the comic is hosted on SmackJeeves and two means that it is a doujinshi or fan comic.

Mature Content:

Acceptance is up to administrative discretion.

Not Accepted:

Cosplay, page update pages, or literature






Random from Featured

This collection does not have any deviations yet!
After long consideration, I have decided to stop working on this group on dA. The tumblr blog will continue. You may follow it

If you care to know the reason...

Mainly I just don't use dA anymore. It is still a nice website but I have outgrown it. I still love me some hot man on man action and tumblr is just a better place for that.

Thanks for joining me here :)

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Gallery Folders

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Mature Content

BTOM_vigilance by TashinaStumbles
Boy's Like You cover page by UmbraOwl
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Spear-Frost Cover by Io-T
Pin-up, Posters, Others
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Isaaru Gumiho Spirit by credocross

Mature Content

Cornelius Mutation by CaptainLeBuff
Color Pages
36 by JoelPhilArt
Demented: 3.35 by Doominatrix

Mature Content

Demented: 3.36 by Doominatrix
Gary-scale Pages
Pretty Mouth - Page 90 by ursyoctopus
Pretty Mouth - Page 91 by ursyoctopus
Mine's Better by Longitudes-Latitudes
Poseidon Loki Cooking page 1 by Dragonnerd445
:Wishlist: asking out by MMtheMayo
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TeaHouse - I'm the king by Bisho-s
Young Xanthe by neko-productions
Linneus01 by Shioir-tyn
Fan Art
Teahouse Valentine doodle by neko-productions
Mr Corey by coloradogirl86
Freddy and Napoleon by Ichi-X
Slurpees by vythefirst
Chaotic Nation - Collapse(1680x1050Wallpaper) by Zyephens-Insanity

Mature Content

Tj And Amal Wallpaper (with texture) 1920 X 1200 by coloradogirl86

Mature Content

TJ and Amal 1920 x 1200 by coloradogirl86

Mature Content

SF Abel Desktop 1920 x 1200 by coloradogirl86
Step by step comic page by Mokolat

Web Comics

:bulletgreen: -updating comic
:bulletyellow: -comic has not updated in 3 or more months
:bulletpurple: -newly added title

*on SmackJeeves
**a fan comic

:bulletyellow: Acrobats (>50 pgs.) agentagnes

:bulletyellow: Aletheia* (+18) (>20 pgs.) sheilkuroi HIATUS

:bulletgreen: Always Raining Here (>50 pgs.) Hazeldrop

:bulletgreen: Art of a Fantasy* (+18) (>20 pgs.) Somatra101

:bulletgreen: Autophobia* (>50 pgs.)

:bulletgreen: Behind the Obsidian Mirror* (>20 pgs.) TashinaStumbles The-Obsidian-Mirror

:bulletgreen: Betovering* (>100 pgs.) Uty-Bacalaito :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: Black Candy* (+18)(>50 pgs.) nancchan

:bulletgreen: Bocchama* (>50 pgs.) Amanduur

:bulletgreen: Boned* (+18) (>20 pgs.) :bulletpurple:

:bulletyellow: A Broken Winter (>100 pgs.) ABrokenWinter ABrokenWinterFanClub

:bulletgreen: Capitol Hillbillies (>300 pgs.) stereotype-studio

:bulletgreen: Casey At The Bat (>50 pgs.)

:bulletgreen: Chaotic Nation* (>100 pgs.) Zyephens-Insanity

:bulletgreen: Chess* (>50 pgs.)

:bulletgreen: Coined* (>50 pgs.) Ealynn :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: Cybersteel* (>20 pgs.) WendiBones and Thiefmarine

:bulletyellow: Dark Days* (>20 pgs.) khadri DarkDays-ASpaceOpera

:bulletyellow: Days Before* (+18) (>20 pgs.) HIATUS

:bulletgreen: Demented* (>50 pgs.) Doominatrix and Tomacchi

:bulletgreen: DeSTRESS* (>250 pgs.) blank-death

:bulletgreen: Devoto: Music in Hell* (+18) (>50 pgs.)

:bulletgreen: Distant Skies* (>20 pgs.) KoronaMosel :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: Doki Doki Checkmate (>20 pgs.) pirate-trish

:bulletgreen: Dragon and Lemur* (+18) (>1000 pgs.) vilani-art

:bulletgreen: Elan Meets Rafa (>100 pgs.) disco-mouse

:bulletgreen: The Element of Surprise (>150 pgs.) misterkittyart

:bulletgreen: Enthrall* (+18) (>50 pgs.)

:bulletgreen: Ephemeral (+18) (>50 pgs.) EphemeralComic and Junie-Junette

:bulletgreen: Epic Load* (+18) (>20 pgs.)PedroPmaq

:bulletgreen: Eternity Concepts (>50 pgs.) XexiliaOShadows

:bulletyellow: Frame by Frame* NSFW (>150 pgs.) sam-the-spooky HIATUS

:bulletgreen: Fruitloop and Mr. Downbeat* (>50 pgs.) loserfish

:bulletgreen: Fuck My Life* (>50 pgs.) MooseFroos :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: The Gay Nerd Comic (>100 pgs.)

:bulletgreen: Get Up and Go* (>300 pgs.) Tamer1ane

:bulletgreen: Grace* (+18) (>50 pgs.) martak and x-holic

:bulletgreen: Grass Nest (>50 pgs.) SnakeyHoHo

:bulletgreen: Grave Impressions (+18) (>20 pgs.) NymAulth

:bulletgreen: Grayscale (>50 pgs.) demicoeur

:bulletgreen: The Groom of the Shark* (<+18) <20 pgs.) daevakun

:bulletgreen: Herzblut (+18) (>250 pgs.) mlang

:bulletgreen: Ianua* (>50 pgs.) ianuae

:bulletyellow: Ice Cream Situation +18 (>20 pgs.) sacellon

:bulletgreen: Incubus Tales (+18) (>300 pgs.)

:bulletyellow: Intrepid Hunters* NSFW (>20 pgs.) MadeWorld and special-kerastase

:bulletgreen: irl ilu* (>50 pgs.) Hanna-Pirita

:bulletgreen: Kaito Shuno* (+18) (>1400 pgs.) angelyeah

:bulletyellow: Kokkinos* (+18)(<20 pgs.) sheilkuroi HIATUS

:bulletyellow: L’heure Verte* (>20 pgs.) IX13

:bulletgreen: La Macchina Bellica NSFW (>250 pgs.) DeannaEchanique

:bulletgreen: The Less Than Epic Adventures of T.J. and Amal (+18) (>250 pgs.) bigbigtruck TJ-Amal-Club

:bulletgreen: Lethe* (+18) (>50 pgs.) sheilkuroi

:bulletgreen: Light Romantic* (>100 pgs.) oranges-lemons :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: The Little Merbloke (>50 pgs.) hollano

:bulletgreen: Longitudes and Latitudes NSFW (>50 pgs.) Longitudes-Latitudes

:bulletgreen: Love Deaf* (>100 pgs.) Limebro

:bulletgreen: Love Me* (>50 pgs.) studio-adhd

:bulletyellow: Lucifer, My King* (>20 pgs.) Starlightpharah

:bulletgreen: Kiss Parade* NSFW (>100 pgs.) :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: M’lord and the Tailor* (>20 pgs.) :devyumiemarie: :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: Mahou Shounen Fight! (>20 pgs.) ScuttlebuttInk

:bulletgreen: Master! (+18) (>100 pgs.) :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: Metro-Jack* (>50 pgs.) Meam-chan

:bulletyellow: Mindwash* (<20 pgs.)

:bulletgreen: My Personal Angel (>50 pgs.) Solkeera

:bulletgreen: NIK* (>350 pgs.)

:bulletyellow: No Deal (>20 pgs.) yuramei

:bulletyellow: No. 1 Enemy * (+18) (>20 pgs.) Goypeach

:bulletgreen: Not Yours, Am I?* (>20 pgs.) scottwuming

:bulletgreen: O Human Star NSFW (>100 pgs.) :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: Oh, Brother!* NSFW (>20 pgs.) jijikero OhBrotherFC

:bulletgreen: One Rainy Day* (>850 pgs.)

:bulletgreen: Open Spaces and Closed Places (>200 pgs.) romanshoubu

:bulletgreen: Panacea* NSFW (>100 pgs.) THEvampireninja and ENTWINED-PARR

:bulletgreen: Paradox* (+18) (>450 pgs.) SpongeMuffin Paradox-Fanclub

:bulletgreen: Prince of Cats (>100 pgs.) KoriMichele

:bulletgreen: Pretty Mouth (>20 pgs.) ursyoctopus :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: Purpurea Noxa (+18)(>20 pgs.) VenaMalfoy and Xelessia Purpurea-Noxa

:bulletgreen: Read Between the Lines* NSFW(>20 pgs.) Cataki

:bulletyellow: Replica* (+18) (>50 pgs.) HIATUS

:bulletgreen: Sacrifices* (+18) (>50 pgs.) omegasama

:bulletgreen: Seiyuu Crush (>250 pgs.) sore-zore

:bulletgreen: Sfeer Theory (>50 pgs.) chirart and moonsheen sfeer-theory

:bulletgreen: Ship Jumper (+18) (>50 pgs.) CaptainLeBuff

:bulletgreen: Sin Pararse (>100 pgs.) kytri :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: SpaceBoiz (+18) (>250 pgs.)

:bulletgreen: Spacejinx (+18) (>20 pgs.) ocicatsy and kendrabot

:bulletgreen: Spectre (+18) (<20 pgs.) felixavenier and MarcusAvenier avenier-org

:bulletgreen: Starfighter (+18)(>100 pgs.) HamletMachine

:bulletgreen: Sticky High* (>20 pgs.) SticklyHigh

:bulletgreen: Stolen* (>50 pgs.) RenRou :bulletpurple:

:bulletyellow: Strange Geisha* (<20 pgs.) raikov9

:bulletyellow: Teach Me, Teacher* (>100 pgs.) Iaikaa and Shuszgeh

:bulletgreen: Teahouse (+18) (>50 pgs.) teahousecomic

:bulletgreen: Ten* NSFW (>100 pgs.) Soen

:bulletgreen: Technicolor London* (>200 pgs.) Scotty6000

:bulletgreen: Tra I fiori* (<20 pgs.) daevakun

:bulletgreen: Transfusions* (>100 pgs.) kindlyanni

:bulletgreen: Tripping Over You (>100 pgs.) akasuzana

:bulletgreen: Ugly Boys Love* NSFW (>50 pgs.) Tamer1ane

:bulletgreen: Ultimate Man Crush* (>50 pgs.) Dreamsraven

:bulletgreen: Vacan 7* (+18) (>20 pgs.) Astrobullet

:bulletgreen: Vetem* (>20 pgs.) MMtheMayo

:bulletgreen: Weaponry (+18) (>20 pgs.) tarorae

:bulletgreen: What Happens in Carpediem NSFW (>50 pgs.) piggyhoho

:bulletyellow: YAOI Tales: The Little Merman* (>150 pgs.) XoverLover

:bulletgreen: The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy (<20 pgs.)

:bulletgreen: Zelsen* NSFW (>20 pgs.) Roshier

:bulletgreen: 14 Nights (+18) (>250 pgs.) KStipetic

:bulletgreen: 1001 Nights of Rain NSFW (>100 pgs.) Melbourne-Cha 1001-Nights

Completed Comics

Flush** (+18) (completed)

Acid Monday* (completed) llllucid

Artifice NSFW (completed)

Beginning** (+18) (completed) Meissner-kun

Between the Raindrops* (completed) TashinaStumbles

The Bride of the Shark* (+18) (completed) daevakun

Loki*(completed) wickedlittletongue :bulletpurple:

Dark Chocolate* NSFW (completed) psycholiki

Disconnect (completed) agentagnes

Forbidden* (+18) (completed) omegasama

Hiding in Plain Sight* (+18) (completed)

Honeydew Syndrome (completed) nuu

KhaosKomix NSFW (>450 pgs.) KhaosKomixFanclub

Kyandi* (completed) AMSBT

A Lover’s Rule* (+18) (completed)

Masque of the Red Death (+18) completed)

Never Surrender* NSFW (completed) Isadora-Legata

Night of Confession* NSFW (completed) vdtitian :bulletpurple:

Pointless* (completed) AMSBT

Polite Introductions (+18) (completed) felixavenier avenier-org

Reception** (+18) (completed) Meissner-kun

Ship of Queens NSFW (completed) hollano

A Song for Elise* (+18) (completed) Nattserier

Snow & Red* (completed)

The Surfer and the Merman* (+18) (completed) xxx-TeddyBear-xxx

Toward the Blue* NSFW (completed) Irukasdove :bulletpurple:

An Unbridled Imagination* (completed) nuu

Unexpected** (completed) psycholiki

Wrec** (completed) reapersun




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