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Hello, hello.

I apologize for the long inactivity on my part. Things have been quite hectic lately, especially with school. I also work from a different account now, here on DA but visit this one whenever I can.

I've been noted with a concern that there's been some group spamming going on? Apparently someone from the group has been submitting or recommending works of other users here, not only without consent, but also with constant spamming. I am not sure what the specific works are or who has been doing it, but for those who may have some information regarding it, please note me as soon as possible. Thank you.

I am still a bit unclear of the situation, specifically, but whoever is doing this, please stop at the request of the user and please stop in general. Thanks again.

As for the lack of activity, I apologize again ^_^; I hope to throw a few event ideas out there and may want to find some new administrators to help me run the group. If anyone has any ideas on how to keep the group active and updated, I'd love to hear! I would love if members could contribute and have their voices heard.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.


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Well, the title pretty much explains it... Yaoi (or yuri...or furry...or straight ^^) LUUURVE! For the deviants out there who are yaoi/yuri/yiff/hetero fanatics, role-players, collectors, artists, writers, and anything else that wasn't mentioned here! ^^; Here, you can meet other people who share your passion! Have fun with it!
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Thank you for affiliating with my group! ^^

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A New Past: Version 2
Ran blinked his multi-colored eyes open in confusion when he heard a soft vibrating sound come from the other side of the room. He was about to sit up and investigate, when he heard the light "tap, tap, tap" of fingers hitting a keyboard. He then assumed Hisoka had received a late-night text message. He rolled his eyes in frustration and pulled the blankets over his head, letting his eyes closed again. He heard another vibration, followed by that same tapping sound.  Once again, he attempted to sleep once more, when there was another vibration.
He grew frustrated and pulled the blankets down slightly, subtly rolling over so as not to alarm his roommate and peered at his through narrowed eyes. His raven-haired companion looked disheveled in the soft glow of his cell phone, and the luminescent light turned his skin a ghostly white color, revealing small bags under his eyes, and blood-shot sclera. He honestly appeared to be a mess, in the raven's opinion. Not to mention his mess
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Happy New Year
I had no clue what compelled me to do this. Maybe it had something to do with me growing to think of him as something like a friend, maybe something more than that. I just shook my head. I didn't want to think on it all that much. All I knew was that I found myself sitting next to Ran on his bed as we watched the television to wait for the ball to drop.
It's not like we had any classes anytime soon. The headmasters had given us a 12 day interval for Christmas so we could go back and spend it with our families if we wanted to, which I didn't of course. I had chosen to stay here like I did every year, but I guess I wasn't really alone. Ran has also declined going to spend the holidays with his parents, not like I blamed him. His parents were horrible, just like my father was. We had been alone together.
Most of the students had returned from their families so that they could spend New Year's with their friends, and of course, go to some parties that were being thrown in the town a little
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Mature content
The Outfit :iconincubiilovers:IncubiiLovers 58 12
Behind These Eyes
Behind These Eyes
Hidden Behind These Eyes, Lurking in Their Murky Depths … Is Nothing But Hate, Pain and Sadness. I Put On a Façade, So No One Will Know. So No One Will Realize. So No One Will Give Me Their Useless Pity … Am I Happy? No. But Do I Care? … No … Do I Do Anything About It? … Sometimes. Do I Need Help? Probably … But You See, Telling Would Just Make Me A Burden … And That's The Last Thing I Want To Do ….
Age Seven
Seven year old Robin wiped at his moistened eyes, trying to keep the tears from rolling down his rosy cheeks. "V-Vater …?" He whispered in his native tongue, staring up at his father with scared brown eyes. "Vater, warum sind Sie starrte mich an wie das?"
'Father, why are you staring at me like that?' Being at the tender age of seven, he found it hard to comprehend certain emotions expressed by "adults," such as the one that was being portrayed on his father's face right now. It was a face of
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"Why are we in Kinugawa again?" The redhead beside me asked Hiro. The brunette hadn't really told us anything, but he had called Kou to tell him that I was needed. I didn't understand why in the fact, and the tall man had said something, but I hadn't paid that much attention.
"I don't know why you are here, but the guy you took down last week said that he wanted to talk to the guy that went as Yoshiko, and I guessed it was Yori. You would never choose that name on anything."
A week. That was how long it had been since we needed to head up here in order to find a source of drugs. We had been receiving mysterious calls, but the only thing we had managed to find out of place was different drug deals, but we only had managed to get one the first day. We broke it apart and managed to capture one of the dealers and we managed to get some drugs off them.
As well as a clue that helped solve the mystery of how the Dragon Speed was spreading so fast.
"Yori? You listening?" I glanced at Kai. Thin
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"Bryon, come. I need you in the chamber with the other council members now. We have things to discuss." The dark haired elf said as he led me down through the hall of the home.
"But dad-" I tried to object. I had told my slightly younger cousin that I would play with him, but then my father had pulled me away.
"No buts. You are my eldest child, and it is past time that you started to learn your responsibilities."
"I told Jon that I would play with him though." I pointed out and looked at my father. His dark brown hair framed his slightly tanned face and a single tattoo of a star that was encircled was on his forehead. It was common for elves to be born with tattoo's somewhere on their face if it's in their heritage.
"You told him that you would, but you never promised him That's a lesson you must learn for when it's your job to take over for me."
"But mother said-"
"Bryon, you are just passed your twelfth name day. It's time for you to start taking responsibility for your heritage
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His Sire
"Why do I have to be here...?" I asked quietly as I looked at the raven haired man that was standing in front of me. I didn't want to admit that I was scared, but I was. Not only of him, but of the men that were in our house. There were three of them, and I had heard them saying that another one was going to come by later after he did something. They were all as big as my father, or bigger, and that made me even more weary of what they were doing here.
"Because I wanted you to meet some men that I need to do business with." Iwao said as he looked down at me. I could never tell what he was thinking anymore, and I didn't think that I wanted to. After how much he changed I didn't think I could get to know what was really inside him. I was afraid that this was the real him.
"But I won't be doing anything, right?" I asked, and he gave me a look that seemed to fall into the category between a frown and a smile.
"You are going to be helping me when Makido gets here." He told me sternly, an
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Time To Blog
Hey you guys! I know, it's been a while since I have actually bothered to write in this wonderful blog of mine, and talk with you all. I hope that you all can understand that I have recently started as a first year in Fujimori High and that is one of the reasons. The work isn't that hard, and the teachers are nice enough to let us do a fair amount of our work in class. Not many of the teachers do, but a handful are nice enough to. Well, considering we really only have one main teacher anyhow....
Eh, I bet I'm boring you with that, am I right? Let's not get onto all that stuff. Let's talk about other things! You know that I have been doing these things for a couple of years, and even if it doesn't seem like I appreciate the feedback that you give – I do. It makes me happy when I read what you comment! You guys seem to write some of the nicest things on my posts, and it makes me feel loved. I know that I have three brothers and a sister and parents that some people don't get t
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Don't Go
One night, one of Karlee's rare dreams came to visit him as he slumbered. However; it wasn't your ordinary dream – it was like a nightmare; but more realistic – much like déjà vu. The images sent chills up the slumbering boy's spine. Though he was unconscious; part of him was still connected to reality – he heard himself whimper in his sleep. He willed his eyes to open, but they just wouldn't …
This is what Karlee saw …

I was raised in the valley, there were shadows and death.
Got out alive but with scars I can't forget.
This kid back in school, subdued and shy;
An orphan and a brother and unseen by most eyes.

Karlee kept his eyes fixed on the ground as he walked, keeping a feeble arm wrapped tightly around his half-brother Kamarra's. He could feel the slightly older boy's eyes on him – but he just couldn't bring himself to look up. His face was streaked with blood – his cheeks stained with tears. What he had witnessed mere mom
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Can't Forget
"Let the both of them go right now!" I yelled at the woman. Her name was Kim, and I didn't like her one bit - despised her, if you must. I had said to someone before that if she killed him, I would kill her. It was supposed to be that simple, and now it just got more complicated. Currently, both Mud-Bloods were hanging by rope. It seemed to be drenched in some liquid, and I couldn't do anything.
Daniel and Karlee were both in danger, and it was my fault for even letting the latter get involved. I was mentally beating myself up over that fact. He didn't have his powers back yet, and I still let him come, because I hadn't wanted to waist time in arguing with the stubborn male to go back home. I had just wanted to get Daniel back, and get the both of us back to the club. That didn't work. I just made things a lot worse by letting my half-brother come.
"Why should I?" Kim seemed to ask in a playful tone. "I already had plans to kill Daniel, but I wasn't expecting either of you to show u
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Mature content
Three Heads Are Better :iconincubiilovers:IncubiiLovers 37 21
I never meant to be the one who kept you from the dark;
But now I know my wounds are sewn because of who you are.
I will take this burden on and become the holy one,
But remember I am human and I'm bound to sing this song.

A boy with ink-black haired peered into the darkness, his strange magenta-colored eyes almost glowing in the dull nighttime light. He tilted his head to the side, the wild black locks falling daintily to the side, brushing his shoulders. He shot a brisk glance over his shoulder and smirked, pulling something that resembled a face-mask up over his nose – leaving only his eyes visible. He raised his hand and made a gesture with his lengthy fingers before taking off, putting all of his weight on the balls of his feet as he ran. Shortly afterwards a large group of people followed close behind quickly catching up with him. He glanced over his shoulder, smirking beneath his mask. There was nothing he loved more than this – it was exhilarating; the thrill o
:iconincubiilovers:IncubiiLovers 57 0
Yori's Flaw
"Mom, why doesn't anybody like me?" I asked as I looked up at the blonde woman. We were in the middle of one of the public parks. It had been what I wanted to do, and it was my choice of what we did because it was my birthday. I was turning 7, but I was still small for my age. I was skinnier, and looked completely different from some of the other kids that went to my school – most of them actually.
"Honey, what makes you say that? I am sure a lot of people like you." She looked down at me; concern filling her light blue eyes.
"Nobody likes me. They all avoid me, and even Dad does." I said. It was true; I had went to school with most of the kids for a couple years, but they all seemed to avoid me. Then my father always seemed to be harsh on me. A lot harsher than my mother was.
"Your father loves you; you know that, and those other children just don't understand how unique you are."
"I'm not unique." I argued. "I'm weird."
"No you're not. You are unique, and all the other children
:iconincubiilovers:IncubiiLovers 20 2
Mature content
Black and White :iconincubiilovers:IncubiiLovers 72 9
Me Pasta by KittenFanUnlimited Me Pasta :iconkittenfanunlimited:KittenFanUnlimited 218 323 MY VALENTINE CHOCO by Miyancaoi MY VALENTINE CHOCO :iconmiyancaoi:Miyancaoi 132 40


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