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I welcome affiliates of all kind... thank you so much in advance!! ♥♥♥

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We are here to share our love for yaoi :D in all its styles, shapes, forms and languages. Come on in!
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Oct 2, 2011


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Yaoi, homoerotica, gay

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Group rules & folders (PLEASE READ)


1- The artwork must be YOURS and ONLY YOURS. Traced artwork is a NO NO, and if I find one, I’ll take very harsh measures such as warnings or in the worst of cases, a ban from the group.

2- The artwork must feature MEN ONLY. This is a yaoi group, let’s be reasonable. The only women allowed are us, yaoi fans! XD

3- It can be as sweet or as perverted as you like, AS LONG AS you abide to DeviantArt rules.

4- Fanart and original artworks are allowed.

5- Written artwork, either fanfics or original, are also allowed.

6- No shota, please. It also endangers the group since one of DA’s policies is “no children portrayed in sexual situations”, so please, NO SHOTA. If you happen to draw characters that are legal age yet they look younger, please state on your artist's comment section that they are +18.

7- You can submit 10 artworks per day. Acceptation is automatic for now, since I trust you’ll follow my rules, guys.

8- Dark yaoi (with angst, BDSM, Master/slave relationships and such) are more than welcomed and quite appreciated :heart:

Gallery structure

The gallery subdivides as follows:

Males’ folder: Features male characters (either original or not) alone. Note this is only for artworks that feature one single character. All media (traditional, digital) are welcome.

Shonen ai –traditional- : For works featuring love, kisses, hugs… Will host works done with traditional tools, such as pencils, crayons, watercolour, markers, copics…

Shonen ai –Digital- : For works featuring love, kisses, hugs… Will host works done with the aid of a computer and software.

Yaoi –Traditional- : For works a little bit more sexual (BDSM and D/s relationships are welcome here). Will host works done with traditional tools, such as pencils, crayons, watercolour, markers, copics…

Yaoi –Digital- : For works a little bit more sexual (BDSM and D/s relationships are welcome here). Will host works done with the aid of a computer and software.

Gore: Lovers of blood and disfigurement can submit their works here, as long as there's lots of blood!

Commissions info: for those who are doing commissions, this is the place to submit their info.

Fanfiction : Will host written works related to existing anime series, cartoons, movies or TV series.

Original writings: Will host original written works with characters you’ve created.

Designs: This is for writings or fanfic covers. It also works for doujinshi covers, if you have any.

Meme fun: All DA memes come here, as long as they’re yaoi related or feature male characters.

Stamps fun: Yaoi related stamps, of course.

Gallery Folders


Mature Content

Superman SFW by BadKittten

Mature Content

Wolverine SFW by BadKittten

Mature Content

Teddy bear SWF by BadKittten

Mature Content

Gamers have fun (SWF) by BadKittten
Males' folder
Victor Nikiforov - Ice King by Ereyz
Demon .:Comm:. by xXFireStarryXx
Give me my beer now ft Tarkatan TornadoMan by pierrotcvb
God of Wind (Fujin) by ChaoticMentality
Shonen ai -traditional-
Katsuki and Izuku's Easter by NightDragon07
February 14th by NightDragon07
Love under the Cherry trees ... by NightDragon07
The Dragon king and the little thief ... by NightDragon07
Shonen ai -Digital-
Take me to church by WaterSpinach
Ehrziel and Adam by CrimsonKingArt
Sweets after dinner by MythPy
Akeil Palmer X Wahkan Welch by Noshabaforever
Yaoi -traditional-

Mature Content

Handcuffed Julian Devorak [NSFW|BDSM] by zetastuff
yaoi by liquorrice
yaoi femboys by liquorrice
yaoi: satisfy me by liquorrice
Yaoi -Digital-
Wangxian NSFW of May preview by Ereyz
Meeting Eustace by dany-teti
Dancing babies by dany-teti
Random and Luther by dany-teti

Mature Content

Die, backstabbing fucker! ft Ganondorf by pierrotcvb

Mature Content

Tarkatan Appetite (PhantomMan, Bass and MegaMan) by pierrotcvb

Mature Content

Tarkatan Appetite (PhantomMan) by pierrotcvb

Mature Content

Tarkatan Appetite (PlantMan) by pierrotcvb
Commissions info
Commissions 2021 by pierrotcvb
|Collab YCH| - NSFW - Surprise (OPEN) by Dizzy-Possum
Demon Adopt #07 [SOLD] by dany-teti
YCH BL couple #03 [CLOSE] by dany-teti
Mea Culpa -I'm guilty...- by pierrotcvb
Meme fun
Eric x Rex couple meme .:collab:. by xXFireStarryXx
Stamp fun
All up for vent art! by pierrotcvb

This is to remind all of our members that pedo content is NOT ALLOWED. This implies putting sexualised pictures of clearly underage guys.

Also, I'd like to remind you that this is a YAOI GROUP, which is for males artwork only. This means we cannot accept if your male has boobs. People, let's be reasonable, boobs are not allowed in a yaoi group!

We will not hesitate to kick and block whoever breaks the group rules. We're serious about it.

If you have doubts, don't hesitate to contact myself pierrotcvb or my partner Dizzy-Possum

Your beastly, lazy admin,

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DumuziTheMessiah Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015
Shota = young boy or someone who looks young, it comes from the word shotarou

So basically you're saying even if the shota is 20+ it's not allowed. Please learn what shota is. :iconfacepaw:
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Aledhwen Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! thank you for accepting me in the group.
I just wanted to say that I'm French, but I love writing and translating my stories into English, in order to make them readable by a broader range of people. Even though I think my English is fairly correct, I would like to apologize for any mistake you could find into my stories.
But you know as they say, practice is the key to improvement :D
I hope my art will please you.
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Alheli-delaGarza Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
D: Ah! I want to submit one to the Shonen-Ai digital...but it seems it isn't possible :C
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