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You know what I think would be flippin fantastico...

is if all of us artists... created a HUGE picture of our art of whoever we feel like drawing. it doesn't even have to be assigned. i think it'd be such a cool idea :] it can even be pictures that were already drawn. i just think it'd be cool to make a huge collage. so tht way the featured piccy isn't just mine, or whoever's it may be. =]
well, find others to do it with us xP
kay! XD like, maybe we can just get permission from the artists to use their piccy in the collage =]
could work, but making something you know... actually together would be nice. *-* like each person just draws their part in the picure.
OMG! this group exists! now i could actually post my crazy fanart! >:D muahaha! yay :)
Yes Master @*__*@