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The Date

Valentine's day. What started out as a good old fashioned romantic date turns out to be something more thrilling...and downright crazy.

*Some scenes to tease and spoil*
:bulletgreen: Prosper and Blaire speeding through highway in borrowed motor-scooter.
:bulletgreen: Blaire losing her shoes and Prosper giving her a piggy back ride.
:bulletgreen: Marshmallow sleeping somewhere while Prosper and Blaire go crazy finding the cute little ball o' fur.

Want more huh? We'll you're gonna have to watch it. Bwahahaha.

Dave Annable as Prosper
Emily VanCamp as Blaire

Also see: The Date DVD Preview

Characters belong to: *burdge-bug and ~AndThenYou
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shinhbang's avatar
This is really nice! Great job!
yanxxx's avatar
Tinnu's avatar
Great job here :) I love how you arranged this!
yanxxx's avatar
Aww, thanks. :D
Chainroundmyneck's avatar
Really cute and though I'm not into chic-flicks, this looks like one of the good ones (if it existed).
yanxxx's avatar
Thanks. :D
Oh, it exists, in my head. hahaha. :laughing:
NameNotSpecified's avatar
I'm really cross at Justin at the moment. >:[

But if he's playing Prosper then I'm totally fine with it.
yanxxx's avatar
I was totally gonna ask you who Justin is before I realized that you were referring to Dave's character on B&S. LOL.
Why? What did Justin do?
NameNotSpecified's avatar
I only just started watching again recently and I'm Aussie, so we're probably behind, BUT I'm still cheesed at him for going back to war and leaving Rebecca behind even though everyone was begging him not to go, and then coming back and wondering why everyone was mad at him. *scowl*

lol sorry, rant over. :D
yanxxx's avatar
I don't watch the series, but know some of the storylines (because when I was looking for pictures there were articles and summaries too).

REALLY? Shame on him for leaving Rebecca. :( And for being too dense to realize why everyone was mad.

I was bit upset to realize that they broke up in real life. They were such a cute couple.
NameNotSpecified's avatar
Yeah, unbelievably, I don't watch the show much either... I just catch an episode here or there enough to know who's who and what's happening. But yeah, it's sad :(
Tilio's avatar
This is good! :D
Simple and elegant. Could be a real poster!

(what's up with the cat? ;) )
yanxxx's avatar
Thank you! :D

The cat is Marshmallow (Blaire's pet); the cute lil' thing is important to the movie's storyline. :)
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disneyanimator's avatar
This makes me want to watch it.

I think you should win.
yanxxx's avatar
That's kind of you to say :blushes:, thank you! :D
ReubenDeFlash's avatar
I think this should win!
yanxxx's avatar
*awww* Thank you! :blushes:
burdge's avatar
OH MY GOD. this is sooooo freakin' great. your artist comments made my night. :iconhurrhurrplz:
yanxxx's avatar
Yay! I'm glad!
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