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Brokenhearted Artemis

Artemis grieving for Acheron's love.

Yes, I love Artie :icondealwithitplz:
I'm sad that she is :iconforeveraloneplz:

:bulletgreen: CREDITS :bulletgreen:
Model: ~tw1stedtruth-stock
Balcony: =cat-in-the-stock
Mountain: *amor-fati-stock
Moon: *stormpenguin-stock
Stone Chair: ~jm-stock
Artie's quote: Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon

EDIT: I've reworked the manip. I, for one, think it looks way better than what I originally put up.
Still not "completely" happy with it, but it'll do. :D
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We have the same name but I look nothing like her R: Emote Twins me on left Artie on the right LOL  wish I had her eye color but mine are a boring brown onion sad  God she is so beautiful and I am so ugly STITCH LLORA 
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Hey i love this, is it okay if i try and draw it?
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this is really pretty
yanxxx's avatar
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Bitch-goddess! Can the Simi eat her now?
yanxxx's avatar
No, hahaha. :D

Mostly cuz I love her character. :meow:
Though I understand why you hate her, hehe. :)
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If she ever changed I would like her. But with how she does Ash and
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Fair enough.
I just like her cuz I think she's the most dynamic and she's got the most potential for interesting storylines. :D
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It´s beatifull and sad! Excellent job
yanxxx's avatar
I'm glad you think so. :) Thank you.
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it's beautiful. I love Artemis
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it's beautiful. I love Artemis
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Thank you. Me too. :)
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Ohh I love this xD I like Artie too.
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Thank you! Glad to hear from a fellow-Artie fan. :D
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I love it she is so sad please Ash have compassion all she did is love yes she hurt but she regrets it.
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Thanks. :)
Yeah, she's has hurt Ash and she regrets it; that's the Artie that I wanted to portray here.
Ash is the shiznit! Artie needs a new man though. Wonder who it will be...
yanxxx's avatar
She is! :D I have no idea, guess we'll have to wait and see.

Thanks for commenting! :)
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Way to rub in it my dear. LOL :laughing:
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Naw, that's okay. Some people just like seeing her suffer, I understand. lolol. :D
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