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Bliss: AshxArtie


:bulletblue: Reversal :bulletblue:
Chapter (?): Bliss

I was on top of the world. Literally. It was all because of him.
A month ago, if someone had suggested living a human life was what I needed to be happy, I would have zapped him where he stood.
But now I realize that there's nothing I wouldn't give up to feel his lips on mine and his heart beating against my own.

Reversal (Dark-Hunter AU, drama/comedy):
After Artemis' pantheon discovered her relationship with Acheron, she is stripped of her powers and banished to live among humans.
Now Ash is the god and Artie is the human, how will they handle things when everything they know is turned upside down?
Sometimes the thing we fear the most is the thing that will save us.

:bulletblue: CREDITS :bulletblue:
couple: ~gilliann
rock background: ~mysticmorning
clouds and mountains: ~forsakewolf

As a human, Artie would still be a pain in the neck (only this time, not literally). She would still shriek a lot and be demanding. I could just imagine the banter now.

She caught the goth when she turned human, so she ditched the white and started wearing black like her man. Oh, and she got a tattoo to symbolize her past.

I hope no one tries to barbeque me for making this!

EDIT: I'm writing this now, but I make no promises of it's completion.

I feel so :iconforeveraloneplz: about liking AshxArtie.
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Ohh I don't like so much the character of Acheron he's like a Mary Sue xD BUT I can support him when he's with Artie xD
I like this couple more I don't like Tory xD
so I prefer your story <33
yanxxx's avatar
Yeah, I can see what you mean about being Mary Sue.
Thank you, I'm glad you like the concept. :D
Padfootgirl526's avatar
Yeaah! xD He has a lot of powers... so much things for one single character... your welcome ^^ I hope see more :)
yanxxx's avatar
Pretty much. And he has such a melodramatic past. :XD:

Yea, I'll try my best to work on some more Ash/Artie soon. :D
Padfootgirl526's avatar
Ohh by the way sorry for my bad english ^^u
adoore1's avatar
Love it. I am a huge Artie and Ash fan and love to see more art about them together.
yanxxx's avatar
Thanks. Yeah, I'm looking into making more Ash/Artie when I have the time. :D
lasako's avatar
I love the lighting you have, it must have taken you a minute in order to get it right what with the over cast in the sky.
yanxxx's avatar
Thank you! I didn't really do much with the lighting. I purposely picked pictures that I thought would blend well together. :D
lasako's avatar
Oh! I couldn't even tell, you ARE good! o.o
yanxxx's avatar
haha! thanks! :D
izhazwingz's avatar
As much as I hate her now, that would be a very interesting twist on everything.
yanxxx's avatar
Hahaha, glad you're open to the idea. I don't see it happening for real though, but on the off chance that it does, I will be a very happy camper. :D
SyllvaTemporae's avatar
This is so cool. I really like the idea of that. It would be so interesting to see it in a book or something. xD
You're not alone! I actually like AshxArtie, too. <3 Tory's cool and all, but I feel like there's something missing with her.
yanxxx's avatar
Thanks! :D
Finally! A fellow AshxArtie shipper! :fistbumps:

I hear ya! Tory is cute and all, but I just don't think Ash and Tory are a very interesting couple.
SyllvaTemporae's avatar
w00t! ;; fistbump. ;;
I know, with Ash and Tory it's like "Yay, happy ever after! Now what?" But it's always interesting with AshxArtie. xD
yanxxx's avatar
I hear ya! Ash and Artie are never boring.
Hell, Ash/Artie interactions were the most interesting parts of some books, they always take the spotlight. XD
SyllvaTemporae's avatar
Exactly! xD
I love when Artie screws up her words. "They're baked bread!"
"The term is toast, Artie." <3
yanxxx's avatar
hahaha.. I love those parts too. :heart:
And the banter is just so fun... Their chemistry is off the charts amazing.
SyllvaTemporae's avatar
Totally. <3
There are times when I wanna smack Artemis upside the head (I wouldn't, she'd zap me into whatever comes after oblivion), but I can't help but like her all the same.
yanxxx's avatar
True! She's so impulsive, abrasive and childish...but I just can't hate her.
She's entertaining, endearing at times and exciting. Plus her character has so much depth, not good but not straight up evil either.
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izhazwingz's avatar
Sorry I just can't like her... I have a really hard time giving her any sympathy after Zarek's book and then after I read Acheron's book..... I'm freaking done with her... No offense its an interesting idea but- yeah....
yanxxx's avatar
I have a ton of reasons for liking her character, but I understand that there are a ton of reasons to dislike her as well.
Oh well, to each their own.
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