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Love Sickness
It's a sickness of sighing
Of never ending lying
Hours spent denying
That it could be the truth
It's an illness of instigations
Of cruel machinations
To fail my aspirations
To show her my proof
Of feelings left unsaid
Of my words never read
Because of what i most dread
That we might never be
But if only i could tell
Of how easily i fell
To her bewitching spell
Her smile cast upon me
It was like falling into a bed of roses
Chains of beauty and scent she imposes
Until the window of escape closes
Thorns growing that i might never leave
But her eyes keep me still
And her voice holds my will
Without i could not fullfil
The desire within she does weave
And so here i lie
With naught but a sigh
Letting moments pass by
So my hope does not die
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Torso Ness by Yantoku Torso Ness :iconyantoku:Yantoku 0 0 Meg with attitude by Yantoku Meg with attitude :iconyantoku:Yantoku 1 2 dervish brother portrait by Yantoku dervish brother portrait :iconyantoku:Yantoku 0 2 Pandaman by Yantoku Pandaman :iconyantoku:Yantoku 1 2
I Will
I will not be defeated
By a brief shadow upon my mind
I will not simply surrender
To this death warrant I never signed
I will not just survive
The terror of the storm
I will not be controlled
Meekly change my form
I refuse to be haunted
By the visions of my soul
I will not be stopped now
Not when I gave my all
If the stars cast a shadow
I will tear them from the sky
I will whisper down their throats
I will tell them I will never die
:iconyantoku:Yantoku 0 2
The illusion
At first it was the terror
The fears creeping in the dark
Then the sharpest pain
Left its searing mark
Now the illusions
Are all my heart can see
My thoughts now not my own
Slowly suffocate me
I am trapped within a cell
Which has no walls of stone
No door with creaky hinges
Just flesh blood and bone
My mind previously clear
Now floods with unwanted dreams
Dousing all my senses
Cutting off my means
To penetrate the illusion
That envelopes my cursed eyes
Before my breath runs out
And the life which was me dies
:iconyantoku:Yantoku 1 1
There are those who fear the night
The darkness, the unknown plight
There are those who fear to be alone
To live a life, solely their own
There are those who fear the endless pain
An agony, which rarely leaves one sane
There are those who fear continued life
They wish for death, their end to strife
There are even those who fear their soul
Fear their darkness, which could end it all
Even those who fear the light
Favor darkness, despise their own sight
But that which I most fear
Is a life lived with nothing dear
A life lived with the silence of heart
A life lived, yet not lived in part
For what is anything without love?
It is not, for it is not love
:iconyantoku:Yantoku 0 7
Broken Window
You gazed through a window
At a world you promised you cherished
But the world just outside your window
Its soul had long since perished
Its tears had blown away
Its night had murdered day
It was swept away before your empty eyes
Your promise unheard before its goodbyes
You gaze through a broken window
Now you realize what you've seen
You gaze at your broken promise
Now you realize where you've been
You've been trapped behind your eyes
Covered by your empty lies
So please just go beyond the window
And tell me no more lies
:iconyantoku:Yantoku 0 2
Warriors of Nonentity
My breath is ragged, my body weak
My heart is so far from its peak
Yet impossibly the enemies still come
Marching to the call of an eternal drum
They cut us down, one after another
Each moment takes one more brother
Our fight is a picture of inevitable defeat
But one that we would gladly meet
We know our deaths, are here this day
But we are helpless to disobey
The voice which shouts to meet this force
Then let it take whichever course
For we are those with not a thing
Not a lord, queen or king
Not a family to cherish once battle is won
Nor a family to weep us once we are done
We are those which none begot
But surely those which u forgot
:iconyantoku:Yantoku 0 3
I was walking through a wasteland
I was on deaths own brim
I was begging against fates hand
When I saw him
His face was slight amusement
His lips a devilish smile
His eyes deathly silent
As he saved me from my wile
He saved me from my pain
He saved me from my death
He took what made me sane
He took away life’s breath
For all the things that I lost
As I travelled by his side
I regret not what it cost
For whole, I stand with pride
He left me on a silent night
He left me without a goodbye
He left when the moon was bright
Odd, I did not cry
Now the mirror meets my face
I know how he left without a trace
I know now where he has gone
But for him, i will never mourn
:iconyantoku:Yantoku 0 2
Ignorance is Bliss
the rain is still falling on the house across the way
the light rain of poison falling every day
the time is still frozen in the house without a song
frozen in the moment of nightmarish wrong
the night is still with the girl atop the hill
waiting for the moment her life defines a kill
the scream is still with the girl under the tree
echoed in the thought she will never be free
the child is still weeping where the sun is never seen
weeping for what could be but has never been
the child is still gazing at the grave he thought his own
regretting what he would show but was never shown
but for all the sorrow spread across the way
the man is still smiling to this very day
caught in the amusement of what has never been
amusement neither you nor i have never seen
:iconyantoku:Yantoku 0 4
The rains gift
What was and now is
Is certainly not the same
For now the rain has come and gone
Woven beauty through its name
It wove a patch of silver
That rolled across the sky
Made what was so filthy
Now pleasing to the eye
It melted through my bitterness
Casts out my doubts and fear
It found my perfect inner peace
And those rare joyful tears
So even though the rain has ceased
To bless me with its kiss
That world that stole my love from me
That world I have ceased to miss
:iconyantoku:Yantoku 0 3
My fading tune
I did once know the tune of life
I knew its joy and its strife
I knew what it was to each day feel
It seemed so real, seemed so real
I did once know excitement's pull
To be mischief's greatest tool
To run and dance where I was free
Life captured me, it captured me
I did once know but now forget
What it is that I now regret
It seems to fade as a distant dream
With it fades my whole life scheme
I do now know a discordant note
A void in life wherein I float
Pain and anger are my seal
They seem so real, seem so real
I do now know a shadow shell
Locked in a tale I shall not tell
Sorrow and misery possess the key
They captured me, captured me
Pointless time which I sold
To weave a sight that I hold
Which glimpses at my fading past
At the forgotten life that cannot last
It breaks my heart to truly know
That I have truly lost my glow
Tis truth that I cannot bear to be
What has lost what made me me
So I will weep until the end
With misery as my only friend
At my door lies pain and sorrow
And ha
:iconyantoku:Yantoku 0 2
I once had a friend
I once had a friend, a true friend indeed
I shadowed his every step
He was always there when I was in need
Him and I, all the world exempt
He seemed often to be so evil
And the kindest all at the same time
He could be the worst devil
Then heal you up like thyme
In the summer we would laze around
Enjoying the warmth and light
Pouring from our smiles
And the sun, ever so bright
In the autumn we would watch
All the leaves as they fell
Wonder what they were thinking
Wonder if leaves go to hell?
In the spring we would gaze
Up at the clouds and smile
Creating things out of the haze
A squirrel, a horse, a crocodile!
In the winter I would shiver
When I saw him dance
In rain that turns bones to ice
Seemingly forever prance
On my birthday I was so happy
He gave me the best gift of all
A promise to forever stick together
And help each other when we fall
But forever seemed so short
For after a time had passed
Everything seemed for naught
When his life was past
I wanted to cry
But I knew he wouldn'
:iconyantoku:Yantoku 1 4
In my
In my room my curtains, never let in the light
In my heart my mind, can never stop the blight
In my bed my sheets, are scattered all around
In my dreams when I die, I never make a sound
In my body I feel, a sickness that would slay
In my soul my death, was long before this day
In my life my shoes, are about to fall apart
In my walk my shoes, were wrecked from the start
In my talks I learn from others, nothing but a lie
In my thoughts I see, where the truth passed by
In my city my drink, is a poison that I knew
In my world my drink, is of the deadliest brew
In my ears I hear, a strong flame with never vanish
In my eyes is a fire, my will could never banish
In my sky my sight, reveals an endless ever nothing
In my sight my sky, is a weight that's ever falling
In my my, I was always in the fray
In my my, I was cursed from my first day
In my my, I have nothing left to say
In my my, its where my body lay
:iconyantoku:Yantoku 0 3


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