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Windows Se7en Midnight

This is an update for my Windows Se7en Energize wallpaper. Not knowing how this could happen, I uploaded the wrong package! :confused:
:thanks: Thanks go to cremestar, who made me aware of this and advised me to choose the name "midnight" instead of "energize". It goes much better with this minimalistic, dark, midnight-blue wallpaper!
Maybe my first deviation :deviation: [link] has already attracted your attention. It is based on this picture.
However, I hope you like it, comments are very welcome. :w00t!:

:thanks: Thanks and credit go to Frnak [link] who is the real author of the wallpaper that I used as resource file. Here you can find the original deviation: :deviation: [link]

:new: On special request :deviation: for widescreen monitors: [link]
© 2008 - 2021 yanomami
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This is out of sight wonderful !! :thumbsup:
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Very nice!!! - Thanks for the wallpaper
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You're welcome! :handshake:
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really nice colors. :)
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no wide screen dude?
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Great work! this is def. my Windows 7 walllpaper now.
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:thanks: Thx buddy, I'm glad you like it! :aww:
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i love it!!!!! very nice and very sexy!
cremestar's avatar down you two, before someone starts noticing us...

ok, i love both of your wallpapers, no offense frnak, but i like this one more, because as i mentioned on your deviation, dark colors are better on my bright monitor. however, i know that is different for other people's monitors. anyways, yanomami, can you correct the zip file so that its your darker wallpaper instead of an exact copy of frnak's. thanks..

ps - oh, and i think that "midnight" is a better title to describe this wallpaper, rather than "energize". "energize" describes frnak's better
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:thanks: Thanks! This is what I call constructive critique! :stupidme: I uploaded the wrong file!! A silly mistake :ashamed:, now I see why frnak was angry with me. His "offense" was justified.
Everything is fixed, I hope there will be :peace: on :devart: now. ;)
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:D yep...all fixed up now... let's hope you're not being chainsawed now...
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One of the best ever ,
keep on good work ,
and if u can make a visual style with it , that's will be awesome ,
Regards .
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:thanks: Thanks for your kind words, pal :fella:. Sorry, but I'm not that trained in creating visual styles. I would take me too much time that I cannot spare at the moment.
Best regards back.
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Hey, thats my wallpaper! :chainsaw: [link]
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Hey now, don't go all chainsaw on him XD You're probably credited in the file's readme...well, if not, then just try as much as possible to PEACEFULLY get the credit you deserve o_o'

As for the package...well...I can't really use it, since I don't own this PC, so I can't change any startup screens x_x
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haha, the chainsaw thing was a joke =p

But honestly, go ahead, download the package yourself, it is the EXACT copy of mine...he kinda just took it and called it his own, the ENTIRE package..

I'm usually not this mad about art theft, but this is not the only time...and he really ticked me off because he ripped off my entire pack, not just one wallpaper
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Well, okay, I guess you're right, if he really did do what you say, then he does deserve a least the chainsaw already served as a definite warning indeed. ^^

But, still trying to protect a fellow friend, if he went through all the effort to make a package that's already exactly what you've made, yet he didn't know your package even existed, it wouldn't be him at fault. =o

Oh well, it all depends on other's opinions...any of the two possibilities could be correct, and I am fully aware that I'm making a bigger deal out of this XD So let's just stop now, leave what has happened and look towards the future. d(^_^)b (epic line ftw XD)
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Yes, but would take a miracle to make a package EXACTLY the same as mine with the same filenames and folders included, AND with the same wallpapers as my deviation...its just too much evidence (I feel like sherlock =p)

I really just want to tell this person to remove it, or at least remove the stolen package...he can still keep the deviation, but I don't think he should just take my ENTIRE wallpaper package..

O well, we'll see what happens
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Ok, Frnak, you are partly right. I want to explain the situation. Some weeks BEFORE the release of your wallpaper package, I found the original picture while browsing through screenshots of the upcoming Windows Seven M1. This gave me the idea to create a startup screen from it. AFTER that I found and downloaded your nice package. When seeing that some deviant liked my startup screen and after beeing asked for permission to create a wallpaper from it, I thought it could be useful to supply the resource files in a good quality. So, I used the resource file of my deviation. I wanted to supply several resolutions and after remembering your package I decided to use THE SAME STRUCTURE for my deviation. This is what I'd like to APOLOGIZE for. I hope, now you'll understand me and won't react that rude anymore.
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