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Windows 7 Aquatic

This is an alternative version of my rainy bootscreen Windows 8 Aquatic. It's made for those of you who don't like to move forward two steps at once.
;P Joking apart, I myself am not very enthusiastic about the Windows 8 logo draft found at

As usual, the downloaded RAR archive includes two TBS files:
:bulletyellow: Windows 7 Aquatic
for regular monitor aspect ratios (4:3), as shown above
:bulletyellow: Windows 7 Aquatic v2
for widescreen monitors (16:10)

:note: System Requirements
:bulletwhite: Windows XP
:bulletwhite: TuneUp Utilities - version 2007 or later - featuring Tuneup Styler

:reading: You know I'm still pleased to get some feedback from you fellas!

:thanks: Credits:
:bulletblue: ~Znidarsic (again) for his permission to use his wonderful Water wallpaper! :bulletblue: =PeterRollar (again) for always supporting me.

© 2009 - 2021 yanomami
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Tuneup Styler and the website installes TuneUp Utilities which is an entire suite for PC maintenance. Although a nice program and I am sure effective for some, this is not at all what should be needed to change one setting in windows. The program instantly started trying to scan my computer and do all sorts of things. You do not DEFRAGMENT an SSD drive if you want to maintain a good investment. They are not cheap and running defrag on an solid state drive will screw it up or potentially break it. 

Goes to show you they have absolutely no idea what they are doing when it comes to certain hardware. I won't be getting this due to it's proprietary format based on a tool program. If I was on XP with a SATA drive that may be different. However, I use my own PC maintenance tools which are on the PC Digest top list of tools. Nothing else. So I wouldn't need the other functions of this program anyway.  
so this doesn't work with windows 7, even though it says windows 7?
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:shrug: Yes, it's sad but true. :tantrum: As far as I am aware it's not possible to modd Windows 7's bootscreen.
Yes it is, I have modded mine.
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Windows 7 is Awesome :D
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Yep, but XP can look awesome, too. ;P
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Gute Arbeit verdient Anerkennung, darum :+fav:
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:aww: Ohne das häufig so positive Feedback hätte ich vielleicht schon längst aufgehört, so viel Zeit beim Deskmodden zu verbringen. :thanks: Tausend Dank!
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can i have the background
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It's so... blue. =D Matches Windows 7's default theme. :3
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:thanks: Thanx buddy! :whisper: :emailsend: Please check you mailbox, I've got something special you you...
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=D THANKS! *hugs* I love watery icy stuff. ^-^ And its in my resolution too!
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:highfive: It was a pleasure. I'm glad you like it!
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I like it a lot! ^-^
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ja das ist viel besser :D <3

nur die sache mit dem windows 8 checKe ich immernoch nicht
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Die Entwicklung steht eben nie still. Neben dem auf Cloud-Computing basierenden Windows Azure arbeitet Microsoft natürlich auch schon am Nachfolger von Windows 7, der 2012 auf den Markt kommen soll. Als ich Windows Se7en Startup 2010 entworfen habe, steckte Windows 7 noch in den Kinderschuhen und war für 2010 avisiert. Durch den regelrechten Hype wurde die Entwicklung dann jedoch forciert...
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I love that color blue. Looks fantastic as always :).
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:excited: Thanks, dude.
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