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Twilight - Wut?

By Yanoda
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Here is Twilight's 'Wut?' face from the Episode "A Bird in the Hoof". I was surprised that the vector was not made yet, so I made it for your enjoyment! :)

Thanks :iconmehoep: for catching a silly error :D

Ai file: [link]



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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
Twilight Sparkle © Lauren Faust
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This is my face when I'm in maths class after asking the teacher for help.
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I used this while I was making this:


Not everything I used originally made it into the final draft of the comic, but I did use it at some point so I wanted to give credit where credit is due!
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I overlooked it. Oops :P

Great Comic! Thanks for letting me know. :)
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You're very welcome, and thank you for the vector that allowed me to make it!
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I love that expression. Used here [link] Thanks for sharing your vector!
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Aaaand reused here [link] That's a versatile vector!
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Aaaannnd here! [link] Geeze, I keep coming across this vector and thinking "oh, that's perfect!" So it must be! :D Thank you again for all your great work (I'll use some of the rest of it some day, I swear! ;) )
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cute confused twi XD
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could I use your art to make Sims 3 custom content? Giving you credit, of course.
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Sure, go ahead. I'm looking forward to the end result :)


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Lol she looks so lost. xD
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wut indeed. brilliant vector, almost perfect :D

btw: your last 6 deviations featuring twilight? i like where this is going :iconcheerileeplz:
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Lol. Thanks for catching that!
How embarrassing for a Vector Inspector :oops:
Either way, it's fixed!

I've been on a Twilight mood lately... :D


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>How embarrassing for a Vector Inspector

oh come on, it was a tiny little derp, something like that could be missed by anyone ;>
but i look at the twilight pics really really closely xD

embarrassing would be a derp so huge, that you can see it in the gallery overview( that's how i roll :dummy:)
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This is adorable. I want to hug her and tell her not to worry so much.
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