New Illusory Dreams!

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Well I'm finally done with the new revamped and improved Illusory Dreams (that's my personal website). Fonts and colors have been changed, directory and structure of the site have been modified as well (so I had to change every single page and link on my web site) and of course there's my new interactive menu for my homepage!

By the way, I'm now officially doing at-home-freelance-illustration full-time (since 3 weeks), so I am very much opened to commissions!

Yay! :D
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Congrats on going solo, my friend! Good luck!
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Your work is just outstandingly beautiful, just a joy to look at, I wish you all the best at free-lancingn, there is no reason why you can be a succes!!
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Thank you so much for the kind words!
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Looking good and I like the lightbulb entry on the main site page.
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Thank you! Appreciate your time for visiting and commenting!
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Well your time and effort has paid off, hope you get a lot of good feedback on it and I will be keeping an eye on your webiste from time to time that's for sure as well as you on here.
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