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Hey! I got 2 codes for 40% off for Threadless (T-shirt site) to give away. So I'll give it to the 2 first persons to comment here. Orders have to be made before tomorrow 11PM CT(Nov 28).

I'd use them myself, but I have so many tees already, I thought I could let somebody else enjoy it!
Well I'm finally done with the new revamped and improved Illusory Dreams (that's my personal website). Fonts and colors have been changed, directory and structure of the site have been modified as well (so I had to change every single page and link on my web site) and of course there's my new interactive menu for my homepage!

By the way, I'm now officially doing at-home-freelance-illustration full-time (since 3 weeks), so I am very much opened to commissions!

Yay! :D

Wacom contest: The revenge

Mon Dec 7, 2009, 4:18 PM
Well, when they announced a second Wacom contest, I couldn't not participate. So I stopped working on the painting I was doing to start working on the one for the contest. The theme is "dreams" and you can check my entry here:…

So yeah, my entry for the first contest did pretty well, I got a lot of positive respond, I made it to the 50 semi-finalists but I didn't win. I also got a Deviation for this painting a few weeks ago, so it's all good.

BUT! I'd really like to do even better for this one, so hopfully I will get the support of you guys! There is 3 winners chosen by judges, and one winner chosen by the community, so if you feel like helping me with this, you can "favorite" my entry between December 16 and December 22, as only favorites received within that time frame count! So I'm counting on you!!! :D

Thank you!

Bring your vision to life contest

Fri May 29, 2009, 8:02 PM
I was wondering earlier today why I started having a boost of messages for my painting "Two". Well I just found out that I'm one of 50 semi-finalists for the "Wacom bring your vision to life contest"! I received many positive comments and feedback so far, and I would like to thank everyone who gave me their support. It's sincerely appreciated. I'm really glad to have made it so far, and hopefully I'll make it to the top 3! Wish me luck!

Thank you!

Finally done!!

Tue Sep 16, 2008, 5:07 PM
Well hello everyone!

Ain't updating this journal very often, but since I never really have anything new to talk about, I never do. But now I do! Well I've been very busy for the last few months, for I reworked every one of my paintings here in my gallery. So I've been updating them one at a time, and making the prints available also. And now I just finished updating my last one on the list!

The thing is, I bought a Wacom tablet to be able to retouch little annoying bugs here and there, but I really ended up just reworking every piece to just make them as good as I could, and trying to bring every painting up to a similar level.

Some of them just have little changes here and there, mostly colors and contrasts, with little details nobody will really notice (but still very important ones), while some others are simply completely (or almost) new paintings!

So yeah, if you feel like buying a print, well they're there! You'll also notice that I made the images in the gallery a bit larger than they were before, especcially the first ones at the bottom down there.

Well that's it, thanks to everyone for watching and to all those who've been leaving nice comments to me and for favoring my art.

Thank you!
When all around seems fake and black
Happy people with silly masks
They laugh and prance in masquerade
The sweet talkers of pretty lies

Heart bleeding upon broken dreams
Desperate eyes cry out for help
Your lips are sealed, you scream inside
Running in vain to catch a breath
Hands reaching out find empty space

You understand you're all alone
The world is such a lonely place
You find yourself invisible
Tears falling that no one sees
Your pain is real but no one cares

The gray shadows they come and go
They only cover dust on the ground
Faces of strangers passing by
Hiding their eyes, they're only ghosts

A little girl nobody knows
Wishing to take her in your arms
Tell her tomorrow will be kind
In real the little girl is you
And no one's there to help you now

You know now you're all alone
Your life is such a lonely place
To others you're invisible
Fears rising that no one sees
Lost emotions and no one cares

I'm no angel, I'm not perfect
I too have sinned, I'm no different
But when the world comes crashing down
Remember I'll always be there

Can't you see you're not alone?
The world can be a better place
Together we're invicible
I'll share the tears that no one sees
Your pain is mine and I'm all yours
Le blanc, le néant, cécité tranquille d'une nuit sans vague. Le silence, la froidure, le mat chemin du temps qui passe sans laisser de traces. L'écho de mes pas sans résonnance qui trepasse dans l'oubli, l'infini vaste et immortel d'un brouillard uniforme et sans vie.

Puis une brèche de lumière dans ce calme fortifié, une trêve inattendue de cette oppressante taciturnité. Une goutte de toi, qui étend ses couleurs sur ce vierge support, diffusant  autour de moi ses rayons aquarelles et vibrants de joie. La mort subite des espaces vides, l'occupation extensionnelle des chaudes teintes de ton aura. Elle prolifère en mes veines, la chaleur de ton corps sur ma peau, ton parfum enivrant dont je veux peindre mes draps.

L'exaltante reddition de mes sens ne mène plus qu'à toi.
Hi! Ladies and Folks and people of this world!
So my painting called "The secret mediator" got a Daily Deviation on October 10. First, a big "thanks!" to Stigmatattoo for featuring it!
I was really surprised when I saw my messages jumping from 300 to 400 overnight, and going to 1700 by the end of the day!

So what I really wanted to say is a "BIG THANK YOU" to all for the favourites and all the nice comments I got. It's really gratifying to have such positive feedbacks.
That's when you see how a good visibility is important, for no matter how good your shit is, if no one can see it, would you make only crap and no one would see the difference… if you know what I mean…

Recognition and admiration are the nourishments of the artist. The more you lovely bunch of sweet talkers regard an artist's work, the more an artist wants. More! More! More!

With all the appreciation, my head kinda got too big now, and I really was in heaven.... Or even better! What's better than Heaven….? Sex? Yeah, it was like long nice satisfying sex, so again: thanks to you all for the big gangbang! It was more than I could take!
Her voice.
Her face.
Her eyes.
Her smile.
Her arms.
Her breath.
Her kiss.
Her hair.
Her parfume.
Her love.
Her presence.
Her tangibleness.
Her style.
Her company.
Her hand.
Her moves.
Her laughter.
Her charm.
Her magic.
Her body.
Her skin.
Her desire.
Her passion.
Her sweat.
Her warmth.
Her universe.
My Heaven.
Yes... and yet another night has arrived.  Sleep is the only refuge away from recurrent thoughts, this never ending wheel of reflections; haunting images, recurrent ideas, perpetual and unreachable desire, obsessive wishes, unbreakable craving, unsatisfied hunger, longing for a time to come, that never will be real it seems. At night the machine goes off, and ends in its inscrutable spectral dreams yet another day; one more behind, one less ahead...

Night is black. Night is empty. Night is nothing. Space. Deep nihility. Black hole swallowing ache and yearning days in its stillness. Calm. Erasing memories. A gap in time. Portal of another dimension, deep within, in pure communion with your inner self. Out of your body. Out of this world. Right into the unfathomable realm of the night. Rocks you with a silent lullabye never to be remembered, like a specter, the unseen shadow in darkness, like a life form that exists and disappears without ever being known.

Night is comforting. Night is strange and arcane, like the kindness of strangers. But night never lies. It sometimes brings to your eyes reality in disguise, with it's sliver mask and deformed reflections of yourself, and it might mystify the truth, but never it lies to you. If only your eyes are turned in the right direction; not looking eagerly at what is around, but turned to the inside, where all answers hide.

Every night is one more step toward you, every night is shapping a little more a dream into flesh and bones. But why can't I go to bed? Why does it look so cold? So empty? So uninviting? So artificial?

Motionless... warmthless... without a promise...

Without you....
Time has come to make yet an other fascinating entry in my precious journal. Yes, time has come, not that I have decided so, it just is that way. Things like that come to you without a warning and you just have to follow it where it guides you. See? I didn't know what I was going to write in this entry, but time came and said: "Hey! I came for yet another fascinating entry in your precious journal. Yes, time has come [...]"...

Anyway, yes. It is not said that a reason is needed to make a journal entry. If time comes knocking at your door to say:"Hey, I have come to make yet another [bla bla bla]", well, you don't ask questions, you bow and say: "Yes, Sir. I'm all yours Sir. I'll do as you please, Sir. I'll do whatever you want, Sir. Your shoes are very shiny, Sir!".

To be continued....?
Everything has a beginning. Everything has an end. Sometimes, end comes quicker for certain things, and sometimes there never seem to be an end to other things. Usually, things you want to end fast just seem to last forever, and things you wish would never end always seem too pass to fast. This is the irony of relativity of time. Time is never your friend. Time doesn't want to be your friend. Time needs no friend. Time just wants to do it its way, no matter what you think. It just take pleasure in messing with you, actually.

Anyway, as I was saying, everything has a beginning, and this is the begining of my little space here on this site. I don't really know what I am going to use this journal for just yet. One thing is sure I won't be talking about me. And I won't be talking about you. And I won't be talking about Jesus. Or maybe once I'll make an entry about Jesus, maybe for Christmas, who knows? And what else am I not going to talk about?.... oh I won't talk about cars, sports, recipes(except if I have a very good one), alien abduction, politics, and fashion...
The rest I can talk about... :)