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Hell on Earth

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When there's no more room in Hell...


Besides the Fotolia picture of the house, all other pictures used are my own.

The goal of the contest was to choose and modify one of 3 stock pictures into a post-apocalyptic vision.

My very first idea was to make a neighborhood crawling with zombies, but then I read someone's comment in the contest page saying that a lot of zombie scenes were to be expected with the house picture, and I thought this was indeed going to be the case, and had to find something a little more original. So I went with a concept a little crazier: demons invading the surface of the earth.
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better call the doom slayer

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Can't find his number :(

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don't worry here arrived just in time

Doom Slayer vs Demons
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Perfect title for your art here!

I'm impressed by the scenario, it could well be from a movie.

You'd think the house was falling straight into hell. I also really like how you drew the fire! Keep up the good work!:fire:

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Thank you so much, I very much appreciate that! :)

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That's very cool. I'm writing a book about a suburban neighborhood that goes to hell.
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Thanks! And good luck with the book, sounds like fun Devilish 
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This is so amazing. It makes my heart stop. It is totally what I imagine hell on earth to be. As a child I was tortured. For 18 years. No one has ever captured what is like to live in an abusive home so vividly. The home is burning and owned by demons but you can’t leave and you never burn up physically. You simply have to keep living in the torment. 

If I ever get my book published about my childhood I would like to use your picture. It is very hard for me to look at it long but it conjures up all the spiritual reality of what my childhood home was like. 

Your work is amazing. 
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It is really sad that someone could see this picture as a metaphor about a part of their personal life. I've never seen it as anything other than a dark fantasy, like a scene from a horror movie, so it is quite heartbreaking to think that you could relate to it the way you do. I've never experienced any abuse and I've had the chance to come from a happy family, so I can't imagine what you've been through. Those events must always be a part of you somehow, but I hope you are in a much happier and positive place in your life now and that you managed to put this behind you and move forward.
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Something like this could have worked for the Doom II: Hell on Earth cover.  It is pretty cool.
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...the dead will walk the earth.
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Soon enough they will!
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And when they do, we'd better be prepared.
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Awesome Art!

The Arlyn Pillay Art Gallery is hosting a Halloween themed art show called the Ghoulish Gallery art show in Tustin, California. USA.

here's a link to the flyer for the art show if you are interested…

feel free to call the gallery if you have any questons (714) 884-8700 :-)

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Zombies are kinda worn out, but if they made a movie about this I would gladly watch it.
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Humans have no chance in this movie! Devilish 
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:icongodplz: :iconsaysplz: Dear humans, shit happens, and really Lucifer has been a nice guy so i decided to let him partake in my free will program.
Have fun.
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Goddamn that's scary!
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As a viewer of Sleepy Hollow, I have to say: HOLY SHIT THAT'S A LOT OF MOLOCHS!
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For me, Hell isn't some distance reward for telling a lie- Its here and being experienced by the unfortunate -

This is outstanding work, Like all you do. Yet very personal to me as I and others lived through something like this, my ''home'' a flame, earth splitting and demons all around.

 I've learned what doesn't kill you- just makes you suffer.  

Prolific Piece here -Maxx
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Thanks for taking the time to comment here. I totally agree with you about the definition of Hell. This illustration here is nothing more than a fantasy, and I don't believe there's a physical place called "Hell", but some people do experience it in their personal life with all the ordeals they have they go through.
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:onfire: ... excellent work!
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