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MetroDroid - new Metro-style icons pack for Android related apps

Download the template:


What is a METRO

METRO is codename for Windows Phone Design System. It's modern, clean, light and open design with no shadows, glows or gradients.

What is a NEW METRO

Done with the right gradients.
A bit shadow, a bit glow.
Light transparency of the bg.
Still vector source.

Now these icons can be used on any background.

What's in the package

There are 57 icons (hold the mouse over the groups to see the full list)- 19 system android apps, 19 popular 3rd part apps and 19 common icons.

The ICO files are 256px, the PNG files has 6 sizes - 256px, 128px, 96px, 64px, 48px and 32px. Now they can be used on every android device with any screen resolution and any dpi.

How to use it

The ico files it's for your Windows OS. Just replace the original icon from the Properties dialogue in any program or folder.

The png files are for Windows Mobile OS, Android, iOS and Linux OS. There are a lot of programs, that allows to change the icons of these OS.

For Android I recommend to use Desktop VisualizeR and Launcher PRO or ADW Launcher. You don't need root to use it.


To download the whole package, just press Download in the sidebar.

History of changes:

[tmp] - MetroIcons template - BR 08052011
[2.40] - MetroDroid - BR 09032011
[2.30] - MediaStars - BR 20112010
[2.20] - MetroStation - MU 18112010
[2.19] - MetroStation - MU 22102010
[2.10] - MetroStation - MU 20102010
[2.00] - MetroStation - BR 19102010
[1.00] - Windows Phone 7 Icons - BR 01062010

The design of all icons, which are registered trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. You can see the preparation of these icons in Illustrator - [link]

Used Programs:

The Original MetroStation source:

If you truly feel I am deserving, your donations are appreciated. THANK YOU to those who have already done so.

    My work must not to be edited, distributed, sold or uploaded anywhere without my writen expressed permission. If you have any doubts or would like to use it or have a special license for a commercial work, please note me, or leave a comment. Thanks.
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great about an icon for voicemail?
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Love it. Featured on [link]
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the priority on this page is of you to tell how t make such mouseover text :iconyushplz:
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I tried metrodroid on my Wildfire but all i get is icons that are multicoloured like the image above.

Is there any way to troubleshoot the problem?
MrGreen3's avatar
Never mind changed launcher and now working great
deepblank's avatar
these are great, thanks
SpyderDzn's avatar
Why u no make Photoshop ICON??!
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Look great. Thanks!
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Beautiful Icons!!! B-)
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Is it possible to get a blank one for customising? I'm trying to go minimalist on my phone and use the same icon theme on my home page, and I only have a reddit app left to match.
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Downloaded these yesterday and they look very smart! Well done! I don't usualy bother with 3rd party icons but these are brilliant.
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I absolutely love this set of icons; they go wonderfully with my background and the MinimalisticText clock I have going. Thanks a ton!
OveR-MinDst7's avatar
Awesome icons.
By the way, how I can do download of the icons from the mobile browser?
I can't find the download botton.
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Thank you. Here is a direct download link - [link]

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very nice icon
thanks =D
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please join to :icononly-wallpapers: :woohoo:
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Thank you for sharing!
:woohoo:im use for my Nexus s :woohoo:
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I am achinese girl.The phone which I use named DEFY!
I like your icon,so I will support you forever
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Wanted to share how I use your awesome icons on my phone ;]
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Both your Metro sets are excellent, well done!
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Excellent icons! Congrats.
Can you say what is the name of the clock widget of your screenshot, please?
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Hi. This is not a real widget. I made it myself for the preview :)
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