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JP3 Male Velociraptor

By yankeetrex
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Changed heads on this one to more accurately depict the Male from the 3rd movie, also its in color,lol
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These were the best Raptor designs of the whole franchise, easily the most badass
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Excellent art piece here!
These Raptors were very awesome in JP3 -even the female one ^^
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I like this one better because of the Colours on It. I'm using this to make In Blender and I'll even try to add all the same Colours you did. I'll try my very best though, I've never used Blender before so I'll give It a shot. I'm making a Cat Game, something kinda like Feral-Heart If you've ever played, and I'm making the Models In Blender. So once I make this, I'll be satisfied. ^^
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it might help you with your work
Im new to blender to best luck
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wish that raptor was real so i can rub his head or pet this raptor.
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Excellently done... The only mistake is that the stripe on it's side is supposed to be a light blue but otherwise it is absolutely perfect!
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Well drawn, great coloring but if you look at JP3 more closely you will see they tried to make the Raptor Pack like a lion pride. The females are the darker colored and have the frill on their head, the male in JP3 is the whitish one you see face off with the characters before they are rescued.
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Actually, the males are darker.
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thanks, i can understand why you think that, but its actually the opposite, the female is the whitish one, heres a link to an auction of the female's head..... [link]
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Ah I see well My mistake. It just seemed more logical that it would be the male of the pack, I know that the female dinosaurs, especially those of the carnivores were larger. It doesn't make much sense for one female to rule over a pride of several males. It's normally the other way around. I mean even in the movie JP3, when the pack surrounded the humans, Grant says to the woman after the white raptor nudged her with its snout "He thinks you stole the eggs." So I think either grant made a mistake in his lines, or who ever put the auction of the head up messed up saying it was female and not male.
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accually it is a mistace the white are females
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This is awesome. Do you have a higher resolution version? I would love to use it as my computer wallpaper.
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wooo man it's fucking marvellous amazing beautifull the scale skin is just awesome too i love it
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OMG awesome!!! =O love raptors!
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Ooohhh nice, very nice. I think the toe claws should be a little longer but thats just me. This is really good though, you should work for Universal in coming up with concept art.
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My favorite dinosaur.
Cool colors and great details.
His leg muscles is remarkable.
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this is really awesome
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wow, the detail and everything is amazing!!

Actually, to be a jerk, all of the ones in the first moviesw were females, the second one I don't remember...

oh, and the proportions is AMAZING!!! only the arms are a little off~

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In the third one (sorry bout being a jerk myself), and even second one, there were males, third looking like this, second having tiger stripes.
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Oh yeah, I remember the third one, not the second, though..... Going by memory of when I was, like, 7... I hated the second one after the dog got eaten XD

I feel like a troll, sorry XD
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