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/.. Before it ends ..\ (4) by AngelJasiel
Mature content
/.. Before it ends ..\ (4) :iconangeljasiel:AngelJasiel 211 215
DA - Monster, Pg 6 by aimo DA - Monster, Pg 6 :iconaimo:aimo 543 143
Hetalia x Wife! Shy! Reader Lemon Intro
There you sat in the love chair near the window. Sunshine was streaming in with light pouring over the page of the book that you were reading. You were sitting waiting for you and your husband’s friends to come over for a dinner party. You and everyone else were supposed to be dressed to the nines in your “Sunday Bests”.  Your plan was to sit and read till the party started in half an hour. That was until you heard your husband coming down the stairs. You looked up to see him in a popular outfit from his home country. To put it simply he looked stunning. You looked down blushing. He saw the blush and smiled slightly. He walked up towards you and lifted your chin up, looking you in the eye. He bent down and pressed his lips to yours. After a few seconds you broke the kiss and shyly smiled at him. He bent down once again and pressed a quick kiss to the crown of your hair then moved behind the chair and wrapped his arms around you, placing his chin on your shoulder.
:iconclosetwritings:closetwritings 227 96
Grinding for size page 1 by Robot001 Grinding for size page 1 :iconrobot001:Robot001 152 20
Mature content
Blackmail Benefits 11 :icontieduptemari:TiedupTemari 29 63
We are GROOT by Kate-FoX We are GROOT :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 5,307 293
Pirate!SpainXReader Not your ordinary lady Part 13
    Oh bloody Hell.
    Your father stared at the Spaniard. Scrutinizing his figure while glaring. Antonio's brown locks were mussed, enhancing his already handsome self. His shirt was wrinkled and his green eyes had the slightest hint of sleep. Your father, on the other hand, had complete rage glazing his eyes. He was fully dressed as well.
    "Papa, I-" you said, cut off by his irate shouting.
    "Who is this? Why the hell is he in my house? Who the hell let him in? Get the hell out of my home!"
    "Well, I-"
    "Come to my study immediately," he ordered, glaring at Antonio before leaving. The study, the study, the damn study. The trouble you were in was massive to be held in the study.
    "I don't give a damn about the arse study!" you exclaimed, slumping on the bed.
    "Was that how you were planning to tell him
:iconneon-roses7:neon-roses7 60 32
Dad!Hetalia and Child!Reader (Twelve Months) 11-12
       “No. You will be doing the staying away from her, da?” Russia spat in his phone, his voice deathly serious without even a hint of his trademark childishness. He heard his boss gasp but cut him off before he could say anymore. “I mean it. If I see you near her, there will be consequences. I’m not like America; I don’t let my boss walk all over me.”
       “I just want to talk to her. Just a little, maybe?” his boss replied in Russian. The tall blonde rolled his eyes but was happy to see the American plane pulling up to the gate.
       “She will be staying with me. She will be staying with me at all times.” He giggled a moment. “I mean, it’s not like I’ll break your legs or something if I see you until January first.” He shrugged. “Well, I have to be going now. Talk to you later! Bye-bye!”
:iconvalentinesforever1:ValentinesForever1 23 13
Ch.13 His angel in the snow by kitsunefire7 Ch.13 His angel in the snow :iconkitsunefire7:kitsunefire7 79 458
Blame: 17
I stared at him as he looked at me.
“You want to do what?”
“I will be your willing slave, or whatever you want me to be.”
I lifted an eyebrow and looked at Jealous. Jealous shrugged, sucking in on his inhaler.
“I don’t know what you mean…”
“I am made for you, Ms. Kennington. Your desire is mine to fulfill and carry out in any means necessary. My people were raised to serve yours.”

“I’m going to strangle that man until his little neck pinches off in my bare hands! I will slice him like a turkey!” I seethed angrily.
Perry put his hands on my shoulders and made me look at him.
“Hey, calm down. All you have to do is call him, right? So just call him.”
“I can’t just do that, Perry. If I do it too soon he will change the plans! God, I hate that man! Why couldn’t I be raped by someone of human descent? Why did it have to be someone from another dimension?”
:iconjamaicancrocodile:jamaicancrocodile 4 13
Mature content
Vampire part 35 :iconsoftlyfallen:softlyfallen 3 5
The Vampire's Girl 14
The next few days were very “interesting”: nothing happened. It was the same thing every day! Every week we would go from Germany to France to Romania. The first day we were in Romania we learned that Despoina had left right after Validine went away for me. Apparently, she was going home because her mother was sick, but we slightly doubted that. In Germany and France we dealt with nothing much; our people asking for help, our kingdoms needing charity, and other things that we were used to doing.
After two months, I had grown bigger, which meant that the kingdoms was aware of my pregnancy and began asking if three countries could be run by one child. We assured them that there would be more heirs to the thrones, and if there were no other heirs, we would make sure that the child knew how to run the countries. At that time, Validine and I had become inseparable, Validine said that turning me into a vampire would make me stronger and it would not kill me to have the child, but e
:iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 20 149
Vampire!England X Reader: Vampire Romance 4
Want to know where Gilbert brought you?
(Check this out!)
It was night then Gilbert brought you to a Night Club.
(PS: I don't know what is it called (the Night Club thingy),sorry =.= i don't even want to know =.= )
"Gil!!! why did you bring me here!? not only me but Elizabeth too!!!" you yelled at him
"It's okay madel~" he said smirking
"It's okay for you and Arthur but what about us!?" you said roughly
"Just a little drink,girl" he said clinging on you
"Let's go!" he added
"Just let him do what he want" Arthur said
"We'll make our fun later~" he added whispering on your blush and almost jump
            Gil grabbed Elizabeth's hand and entered that "place" with a grin on their face
'Is Elizabeth will gonna be fine?' you asked yourself
~Inside of that "place"~
              You heard loud music and peo
:icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 255 127
Demon's Plays pg. 2 by LordLuciola Demon's Plays pg. 2 :iconlordluciola:LordLuciola 60 79 The Things That Make Us Strong part 5 by Satosanteru The Things That Make Us Strong part 5 :iconsatosanteru:Satosanteru 486 181 The Last Unicorn by melkatsa The Last Unicorn :iconmelkatsa:melkatsa 23,722 2,122


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