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April 27, 2010
NARUTO - Eternal Rivalry by =yanimator
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Suggested by jcroxas
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NARUTO - Eternal Rivalry

What?? No BLEACH? Haha yes, I'm also a fan of Naruto believe it or not. Can't say which one I like better but I've been a fan of Kishimoto's works ever since Volume 1 of Naruto and THAT was some time ago! An inspiring mangaka!

I know a lot of you have already seen this.. but alas, it is time for me to upload it. One of my personal favorites. :) Decided to go a little crazy with this and yes, it is a little different from my usual style of painting and drawing. Hope you all like it!

More coming (yes I know I said that last time.. OTL) haha life gets incredibly busy sometimes.

13 x 19" glossy print available. Note me as usual for a quote.
Naruto Uzumaki & Sasuke Uchiha © Masashi Kishimoto
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nianic425's avatar
A masterpiece!! This is really incredible!!
snoopcat99's avatar
Wow, if Naruto was drawn like this all the time I would probably develop an interest in it and read it.   To me you have done so much better than the original manga-ka!
mrpersinguy's avatar
New background 😄😄😄
Unkownbrony52's avatar
NarutoByAri's avatar
Can you also draw a sasuke xkarin art?*-*
Bladeninja76's avatar
Powerful and thematic.
cozgames's avatar
awesome, really like this
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Beautiful and epic representation of one of the most powerful rivalries in anime.  Nice job capturing the flow and power of Naruto, Sasuke, and their signature jutsu.
mikunoruto's avatar
Wow, this is just epic, completely amazing <3 The colors are incredible, so awesome!! 
mekk33's avatar
Where can i buy one?
JennytheTurtle's avatar
Is there somewhere where I can get this as a print!! D: I want it so much!
brendamiller1234's avatar
kNightHyena's avatar
Good grief that's so colurful it really pops so epic I could like cry right now.... but still its pretty rare I see something this great.. really really great job
TechieTom's avatar
Sheer Awesomeness! ;)
Love this! 
kagomeotilia's avatar
this is a masterpiece.
i'm glad to have found it here!!!!


ammorette's avatar
After all these years, still the best piece of Naruto fanart.
BluBoiArt's avatar
Yup....that definietly gets the wow rating...I knod in the sickness of the piece. Anywho Epic Art indeed.invisiblela 
RedPapaver's avatar
The best. 
Love, love, love it so much!
The contrast! The details! The atmosphere! The... JUST EVERYTHING! 
Damn :D

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