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BLEACH - Toshiro Hitsugaya

Here is the long awaited fanart for Toshiro Hitsugaya! I was meaning to upload this a lot sooner, but as circumstances would have it I had an extremely busy summer this year.

Once again, thanks to :iconnayuki-chan: for her help and constructive criticism throughout this illustration.

When I first started this piece, I had the page scaled vertically like my other BLEACH fanarts, but I decided halfway through that a landscape (horizontal) spread would work best. A lot of people ask how long these usually take me. This particular illustration illo took about 4 days from sketch/ink (yes I do ink my pieces)/rough colors/final paint pass.

13x19" glossy prints are available. Note me for a quote if you are interested. No watermark will appear on the actual print :)

Which character would you like to see me do next? Hmm..

Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach) Copyright © Tite Kubo.

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ELTaay's avatar
Amazing 👏✨💛
Bladeninja76's avatar
Cool and bright.
Cflandon15's avatar
Looks awesome :D 
TannMann64's avatar
Rain over the frosted heavens...HYORINMARU!:Ahhhhhhhh: Sword Fight .:Ice Cude Stuck:. 
Little9tails's avatar
^-^ Toshiro is my fav! He'a absolutely awesome
DaJiF's avatar
It looks amazing! Toshiro is my favourite ^^
I love how you made the ice! :heart:
Warriorcatgrl99's avatar
Aggghh hToshiro whhyyyyy

Omnissus's avatar
90sNick's avatar
He kicks ass! Everything here is just perfect. And what program do you use?
AngelOfPast's avatar
oh my .....i have no words....its just wow !!
Arrattez's avatar
Hitsugaya is my favorite of all in bleach... I was really sad when they turned him into a zombie
ChibiMina121's avatar
so awesome much love Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Date Date 
LalaMasquerade's avatar
So tiny, but so badass. Hitsugaya-kuuun :heart:

This is great! :)
Panda-to-Felix's avatar
EPIC, just nicely done.

I was looking for a cool pic of him that didn't look like it was just traced or copied, and still looked kick-ass. This one definitely fits the bill!
daniel300's avatar
Very nice !!!!
Aaitth10's avatar
holy cream this is epic!
iluvgaara3357's avatar
i love that smile!! :D
LeAniki's avatar
I loved this artwork so much I couldn't resist my self from attempting to draw it awesome artwork.
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