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BLEACH - Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia was the most requested Bleach character based on a Poll I had created in '07 [link] Not sure how many of my watchers from last summer are still here, but hope you guys didn't mind the wait ^^;

This illustration actually took me a very long time to make. In fact, I have three different complete versions of this.. I liked this (the last) version best and scrapped the other two. Big thanks for my GF :iconnayuki-chan: for helping me out on this.

Some of you may have already seen this, from conventions I had attended earlier in the year. Some of you might even have the 13 x 19" large format glossy print on your walls already and a big shout to you all for supporting me in the Artist Alley!! :D

Perhaps I should set up another poll this year to see what characters I should do next! :P

Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach) Copyright © Tite Kubo

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Nice action pose for Rukia.
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Love this! Great job!
TannMann64's avatar
Wink/RazzThe dance shall commence.CURSE YOU!
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Two words I wanted to say for the beast of all badass Rukia fanarts:

Simply Marvelous.
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wow that is really good!!!
AngelOfPast's avatar
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Her ice is awesome. And cool artwork.
SquishIsShort's avatar
do you still sell this print anywhere online?
LalaMasquerade's avatar
One more for the tiny-but-badass-family! I love Rukia. :) Great work!
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quite x-il-ent
Even though it's old art, it looks fabulous!
SofiaDrago's avatar
Rukia is beautiful, I love it. :D :)
sasusakulover555's avatar
love this pic!! rukia looks like such a badass!! :D not that she isn't already! 
I had reached the end of the line I took my chances with this now I make all the calls just picture the possibilities
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I had finally hit rock bottom this turned my luck around its an amazing feeling to have money to blow just picture the possibilities
I had tried everything because of this im always one step ahead ive finally reached the top keep this between us
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YunoTheInferno's avatar
Oh the badassery!
Feif-chan's avatar
This pic is epic!
I love it!
ImaginationKing's avatar
Favorite Bleach character. Favorite anime character. Luv u Rukia!! Great job on the pic. lovet the intesity and the colors :)
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