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BLEACH - Renji Abarai

At long last, here is the Renji pinup. Based on my poll results from last summer, I think Renji was the second most requested character with Rukia being first. But I'm sure based on how the recent storyline is turning out, the ratings have changed a bit.. especially with introductions of new characters. :D Hope you all like this piece!!

13x19" glossy prints are available. Note me for a quote if you are interested. No watermark will appear on the actual print :)

I think some of you voted for Urahara and Orihime next? ;)

Renji Abarai (Bleach) Copyright © Tite Kubo.

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I see an alternate name to this; "Red-Haired Curse of Dragon Fist + Master"
Saitama Looks Icon: THIS, IS, NOT, YU-GI-OH.
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Wow, you made this wild and badass.
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Wow this is awesome! Really clean!
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oooh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Renji looks super bad ass!
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Perfect Favourited!!! =D
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Great setting for this :)
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Great dynamics! I love Renjis Bankai. *__*
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I'm interested in the Renji pin-up
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That's Sick, Bro! Very Nice
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Renji is so amazing and you've captured like - all of it I'm like - in love!
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By the way... This is freaking awesome!
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OMG I love Renji!!!

TT U TT (tears)

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This is amazing ^^ *faves*
I really like the pose you chose for this
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now thats pretty awesome!
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My favorite character! Wow he looks amazing, great job!
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