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May 20, 2008
*yanimator masterfully creates a dynamic piece of artwork with life and movement in BLEACH - Kenpachi Zaraki!
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BLEACH - Kenpachi Zaraki

The full version of my Kenpachi Zaraki print completed for Katsucon14!! Thank you for everyones support at Katsu and look forward to creating even more like this one!

I'll be writing a quick report on Katsu in my journal shortly. Getting back into the swing of things this week and catching up on some much much needed work, so I'll get back to everyone's comments and notes asap :)

You guys made my weekend in Washington pwn! Thank you ALL! *.*

I do accept orders online so for those of you who would like a print and could not make it to Katsu, note me and we'll go from there.

Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach) Copyright © Tite Kubo.

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Yachiru Kusajishi icon Kenny looks really really happy today!
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I never seen 15.4K likes on a picture before .0.
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Really good art.:)
Wow I see you are extremely skilled.I and one friend have come up witha manga plot , but we cant make our own manga because our drawing skills are very poor.If you are interested in getting paid to make our manga , contact this email address.
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Wow! Amazing :love:
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Wow! This is an amazing Kenpachi!! His pose and expression and his spirit energy... amazing!!
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Perfect Favourited!!! =D
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love it love itttttt!!!!!!!!! :D
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God, I love Kenpachi! XD He's absolutely nuts, but I just love him. :'D
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Kimpachi, when overkill isn't enough.
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This picture is at the bleach zanpakuto fight app o:
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you know you're fucked when the eye patch comes off
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wow that's awesome!!
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Oh man that's awesome!
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I may hate zaraki, but I must say, this is impressive to a new degree. Good job.
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I had tried everything this was my opportunity knocking at the door ive finally reached the top youll see what I mean
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