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Attack on Titan Mikasa

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An oldie of a Mikasa art I did a while back. PUMPED FOR SEASON 2 OF ATTACK ON TITAN!! YEEEHHHHH FINALLY!
Dont steal my art! :0 Follow me on twitter or insta for more updates fam
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what a cool drawing

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AWESOME one of my favorite characters :)

lollakareem1991's avatar

awesome .. I love her :heart:

J25TheArcKing2's avatar
Very cool artwork of Mikasa Ackerman! Alright!!!!!!
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Awesome work.
And Mikasa looks beautiful.

Wow i love Attack on Titan and Your Art Style is Very awesome 
AlliDrawsTooMuch's avatar
I love attack on titan :3 Mikasa is my favorite character overall because of her back story, her strength, and her attitude :3
mimiru's avatar
This is really great! *___* Mikasa is my favorite girl in this series. She's so complicated but realistic, yet really strong!
Fox-Skylark's avatar
Great job...this is truly beautiful!!
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Speaking of stealing idk if this counts but I saw this on pinterest and a bunch of other arts I recognize from around the places from other peeps too.
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Did they pin it from here perhaps? The share button on DA allows you to pin I don't think that counts.
Insanepayne's avatar
ohh kk. I wasn't sure so thought best to ask the knowledgeable peeps. That's good though. There's a couple butt tons at least on there. 
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
i BOUGHT this poster! Peanuts, remmeber~? xD 
TheHika's avatar
Just so amazing O_O
RazorToshiba's avatar
I've got my print of this from the SLCC hung on my wall framed!~
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this looks amazing!!
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This is very stunning artwork, you're very good artist!!
oOCypressOo's avatar
AMAZING!!! I love this 💙 Have you watched episode 1? It exceeded my expectations ❤️
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