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Wonder Woman earth One, Volume 1

My mega WW OGN with Grant Morrison, shipping the 12 April , 2016.
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is fantastic the art
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Just finished reading this today, so far its my favourite of the Earth One books.
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So few people get this. 

 What is the only real difference between Batman and Superman? 

1. Batman is a internassionalt rich man who considers himself always better than all accredited in the world. Batman 
He was born as a millionaire heiress - who aspires to become a god.

2. Superman's only capacity not inhuman is his humility and mutual respect for all other species around them. Superman 
He was born as a god - only struggling to become more human.

Wonder Woman and Superman are bouth so misunderstood :( (Sad)  CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU!  Sigh

3. Wonder Woman is extrimely Unappreciated. No one gets her. I like Powergirl a lot. A great icon.Heart   BUT she is still a copy of Superman. :( (Sad) 

Diana is the only heroine, who stands out and is not a shadow of another hero like She-Hulk.  Nod 

The only comic that might give her justice is Legend Of Wonder Woman…

try it It is worth it Clap 
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This cover is killer!!
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It's a gorgeous cover and beautiful colors. I'll definitely be pre-ordering this when I can. Looking forward to this book.
I really like her facial beauty and how naturally curvy you made her. I like the tiara design to look like her WW logo. I see Donna Troy and Cassie there in the background, too. 
Can't wait to see the rest of this.
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Great artwork. :)

she could never get enough rope and chains in her life
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I just book this book based on the cover. great work!
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this gun be good
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Awesome, can't wait for this!
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Amazing. Hyped as hell for this.
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Yanick, we spoke a few times at cons over the years about how slowly this was going. I'm glad to see its finally coming out. Congratulations. I'm sure it will be a success. I will be first on line to get it.
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Love the colors, amazing job :D
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is there going to be a new issue that revisits the game the Amazons used to play, where half of them would go out into the woods dressed up like deer complete with high-heeled hooves, and the other other half would hunt them down and string them up on poles and carry them back to camp to "eat" them? Moulton didn't show what the eating consisted of, but I have a pretty good idea.
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Is that Donna Troy in the left hand corner there?
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Ww earth one? interesting. 
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WW doesn't exactly look worried about the chains...
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Yay!!! I've been looking forward for this book for forever!! :D beautiful!
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Congrats man this looks amazing!!!
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