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Wonder Woman Earth One (14-15)

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You might Know Grant Morrison and I are working on a Wonder Woman Earth One 120 pages Graphic novel (for mid 2014 i'm guessing)
Dc released some image of it, so i take the liberty to do the same here.
Before you ask, Just like SWAMP THING, it is all digital, using this time Manga Studio 5
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PetoriusRexHobbyist Writer
Wow! Very cool.
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Omg it's amazing!
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jpbbantigueHobbyist Interface Designer
Beautiful! I wish I could draw something as detailed as this!
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leilaleizProfessional Traditional Artist
whouahouuu that's just pure beauty ! did u draw it with manga studio ? or traditional?.
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YanickPaquetteProfessional Traditional Artist
Merci, et Oui, C'est du Manga Studio 5! Les outils de perspective mon sauvé  la vie. :) 
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leilaleizProfessional Traditional Artist
J'ai commencé depuis peu avec Manga studio. je m' amuse comme une dingue .par contre faut que je le maitrise mieux  . merci de me motiver grâce à ton magnifique travail ! . :)
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Weeping over it being all digital as I've been a big collector of your WW art but that's progress. I've been waiting years for this and it looks like being worth it, absolutely gorgeous.
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zedquestarHobbyist General Artist
So very cool! I must look into Manga Studio 5!
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this is going to be epic I have superman eart one and batman earth one and I know this is going to be a good earth-one story
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Would love to see even the most basic rundown on your method for inking in Manga Studio.  I love using it every once in awhile, but can not get into it 100%.  I tend to use the standard brush on a vector level, but you can not just make abrupt angles with it since it tends to snap back to what it is comfortable with.  Any of the other Japanese brushes tends to pick up any jitters in my hand. 
You really give the program's perspective tool one hell of a workout.
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Yanick, you rocks!!!
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mikemalukProfessional General Artist
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The last thing I think about when I see something like this is about the characters origins. What a great pic.

I can't wait to see the whole book.
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Please tell me WW won't get the same retarded lazy origin as in the New 52.....
Awesome art!
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YanickPaquetteProfessional Traditional Artist
Maybe it's a brand new retarded origin! 

By the way, I applaud with up-most satisfaction at Azzarello stroke of genius handling that origin business.  I Always found that Clay thing to sound bullshitty myself. 
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Forgive me if this comes across unintelligibly, English is far from my primary language. I'll try to explain my position here, i would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to read. I'll try to be articulate as i can and maybe shed some light on the stance of those who dislike the New 52 WW. Whatever the case, i'll still admire your work.

I don't mind the idea of re-imagining the origin, but turning WW into a daughter of Zeus is the tritest idea anyone could have for a superhuman character ever since actual ancient Greek mythology; I mean really, you couldn't come up with a less innovative origin if you tried. It's the literary equivalent of writing an action hero walking away from an explosion without looking at it, to show how "badass" he is. Also, i must point out that being the daughter of Zeus used to be Wonder Girl's origin...
I do not intend to come across offensively, but that's how the whole thing makes me feel.
The clay thing was never the key, IMO, i'm not sure why people focus on that when it's a rather secondary aspect to WW's origin. Rather, it was the fact that creating WW took the cooperation of multiple Gods(a rather peculiar event if you're acquainted with mythology), making her origin both quite original and very unique(i can't think of another fictional character with an origin like this). More than that, it wasn't just an origin, but receiving the essence of these specific multiple Gods had an influence on WW's powers, abilities, how she thought, her personality and even how she looked; Plus it would rise the question as to her true potential(something even the Gods themselves would feel apprehension towards).
There was also something quintessentially feminine about WW, with her drawing from the essence of all female Olympians(Aside from Hermes) and there was a strong aspect to the character of her taking all these influences and making them her own; With turning WW into the daughter of Zeus, for one all it would take to make another WW would be for a God to have an offspring, plus now everything and anything unique or special about her can be traced to one guy's magical spunk... Kind of sad for the primary female symbol in popular culture.
Now, you'll get no argument from me if you say that WW and her background was a bit of a mess, in need of re-imagining and tweaks could and even should be made, really. But the ideas in this new version are not just trite at best, they mess with the fundamentals of the character. With WW being turned into a very plain super-Xena type, her entire background a rehash of Amazons from 70's-80's exploitation movies and 90's TV series(i can tell, i've seen them all...) and the Greek Gods playing active central roles in the stories again, which was done to death.
Imagine if we made a new Batman version where his parents are alive, he uses a power suit with machine guns instead of stealth and martial arts and he aims to kill all his enemies; That may well turn out to be the best character/story ever, except it will be Batman in name and perhaps cosmetics only. Such is the New 52 WW, an entirely different character where the sole similarities to what she used to be are name, cosmetics and a vague relation to Greek mythology. The old character and stories had their problems, but they also had the elements of originality and greatness both, only instead of taking these elements and crafting a gourmet meal, they were thrown away and we got fast food instead.
Let it be known i have no personal issues with Mr. Azarello. I'm quite acquainted with his work and like a lot of it. But here, he essentially destroyed a character i used to love(and i can tell you i'm not the only one who feels this way). I would not have any issue with it if there was an alternative to read the regular proper WW, but she was completely discarded and all we get is this version instead. I apologize if this may come across as a rant, but i do have both time and emotional investment made with these characters. I'm a neurologist and my life is fairly boring and these characters/stories had always provided me with much needed escape ever since my early teens. Frankly, the New 52 has come across for me almost as having several old friends die, specially WW.
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Your work looks gorgeous!


I have had my issues with Grant Morrison's work in the past. Especially his work with Wonder Woman (the less said about Final Crisis the better.) Nevertheless, I am really excited about this project, and I'm actually hoping that this may go a long way toward setting the trend for how Wonder Woman should be portrayed.


I eagerly await this project with the very highest hopes.

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JodelbrodtHobbyist Digital Artist
nice Picture - thank you.
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Man, what's it like working with a guy like Morrison?
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That's beautiful, I cant wait to buy the whole book!!! :)
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Holy (*bleep*), I could not be more excited for this!!! :happybounce:
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Wow- that's amazing.  Can't wait for this to come out.
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Elizabeth-TorqueProfessional Digital Artist
I can not believe that this illustration is fully digital! I always shed sweat and blood when I have to do backgrounds with Photoshop or SAI. I'll have to try the program MangaStudio, you put me the long fangs ... but I am convinced that the incredible result is a credit to your talent, not the program. I bet a hand that you could do something equally amazing on a McDonald's napkin, haha!

You are a bad guy, Yanick :)
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YanickPaquetteProfessional Traditional Artist
I love background indeed. But MS5 trully help with some of the tiresome aspect of dragging your rule all over the place and your vanishing point.
Is that a new Profile Elizabeth?
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