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Manga Studio 5, day one.

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Published: February 13, 2013
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I'm making the transition form my fully Digital work on Photoshop (Swamp Thing, Batman Inc.) fully digital on MANGA studio 5.
So, Here's a Batman piece to explorer some of these cool perspective rulers. Pretty easy to handle :) my first MS5 piece!

Although MS5 does great colors, i couldn't find a way to Colorize the Cloud in the background and did it with Photoshop in post production. Hopefully MS5 EX will had this option. (Thresholding and other picture levels would be needed too)
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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows
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skorpione10Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How do you guys draw these architecture stuff? Please tell me if there's any trick. I often see  lot of fine and intricate details in a Jim Lee's work and a few other artists as well; and I'm an artist myself and plan on working for DC as well, but I usually only draw characters, and can work on (draw) organic stuff as well, but the architectural stuff is somewhat out of my league and that is what i'd like to improve my skills in. Please help out. I'd really appreciate if i got a reply from a professional artist, such as yourself, in this matter. Please and thank you.
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Katarina-KirishikiHobbyist General Artist
woah this is absolutly awesome *-* 
you made the perspektive really good owo
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CutswolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great Cover. I have been trying to learn Manga Studio 5 and I was wondering if you know what to do when scanning pencil drawing into manga studio, and coloring them? How do separate the layers? Thank you.
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Amazing art cover pic Heart 
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Writer4CommissionsProfessional Writer
I can't wait until I get EX5
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ScruffyScribblerHobbyist General Artist
that's it... I quit! RAGE AT THE AWESOMENESS!
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HDHarrisHobbyist Digital Artist
and flatout colorization through the ability to render an entire layer a single hue under the layer property window above the layer window
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HDHarrisHobbyist Digital Artist
there are hue and level abilities through the color correction layers
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MysticNarwhalStudent General Artist
love your work, just wanted to see it on DA. I watched a youtube of you. very nice indeed. I'm exploring MS and doing a graphic novel en-total manga studio. we'll see how it turns out. :D
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wow, impressive!!
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I didnt realize that 5 had perspective rulers? Is it just 1 point, or can you do 2 and 3 point as well, I thought that was just for the EX versions, I could be mistaken though...
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YanickPaquetteProfessional Traditional Artist
MS5 as all the way up to 3 point.
Maybe you are referring to Ms4 vs Ms4ex
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Sweet! Guess I just need to sit down and play around with it.
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ScruffyScribblerHobbyist General Artist
those rulers aren't in the same place as they were. but yes, the same rulers as 4ex it seems. and seeing as how you said this a month ago I'm sure you found them by now so I'll shut my facehole.
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KarolinaSkaUniverseHobbyist General Artist
Wow :heart: this is really something
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RoboworksProfessional Digital Artist
I can't believe you colored it with MS also! I haven't even messed with that aspect of it. I love the inking though. I can spot a couple areas for improvement but it's the closest to a similar final product as the real thing that I've found in the digital world.
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JayCrestHobbyist Digital Artist
well, seeing as MS5 is technically just Clip Studio Paint with a diff. name, the colors are much better than the predecessor, MS4(MS4 EX)
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I tend to leave the coloring for PS, as I always have trouble coloring in MS : P But this is pretty sweet! And your first MS picture? Geez, I'm ashamed of myself now :XD:
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dio-03Student Artist
solid work. i would havr never guessed you were working digital on those issues you mentioned.
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NoirZoneProfessional Traditional Artist
Very good! is it just for fun or you have a BAT job in your future? I'hearing very good stuff about MS5. I'm just started with 4EX and still trying to getting familiar with it (if you want you can see a couple of image I posted in my gallery)
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YanickPaquetteProfessional Traditional Artist
no Official Batman stuff on the horizon .This is just for fun.
MS5 is almost an ENTIRELY different software from it's previous version!
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ErnestoFigueroaHobbyist Traditional Artist
This was entirely in MS ? Do you use a tablet or Cintiq
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YanickPaquetteProfessional Traditional Artist
I'm Cintiq powered! Got a 24hd at the studio and a 21ux at home
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