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 Varyssa after the Degenerate.
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when the wych instead of killing you gives you a wink

*scaroused guardsmen noises*

A not so bright but well meaning Cadian sees here purple eyes and asks her if she's from Cadia too... and another good Cadian has fallen

Wychs need more love! Thank you Godzilla - KinGoji [Excited, Clapping] [V.1] !!!
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The witch has stopped to give us a striking look!

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So.... eldar and humans are "compatible" right?
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Suddenly Commissar: " are trading a dangerous line between Herey and Extra very careful about what you say next......" powers up plasma gun
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Dope piece. 
Great Artwork!! Permission to you as my phone wall paper.. credit to you of of course. Thanks
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Thank you,I glad you like her!
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A tasty eldar babe for the imperor , hehehe^^.
Thought it was Lelith Hesperax for a while. Cool artwork btw...
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Excellent work as always!
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Thank you very much!
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I love this, it's nice to see some tasteful artwork of the Wyches of Commoragh.
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If I was a Guardsman, I'd be dead now. And what's worse? I'd not regret it! Daemonettes use foul powers to enchant, Varyssa doesn't have to :-).
Any story what made her to set upon the Path of Damntion?
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Thank you! and she does have a story, well, my friend is writing a novel for her and her sisters.OMG MOAR POEMS! 
I'm not sure when he will be able to write, if my English is better, maybe I can help.
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Never read a Warhammer Eldar story, I can't even remember any. There are likely some fanfictions concerning them but it's still quite hard to get under their skin - something I probably wouldn't dare to try.  I wish your friend a good luck and a sharp mind.
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Path of the Warrior, Path of the Seer, both by Black Library. :)
I love your Varyssa :)
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