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Kill the Ork!

Daily meditation: even if there is nothing, there is still life can be offered to the empire.
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Thank you!very cool!
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Thats offensive to the ork community. Green lives matter!
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Yes,emmmmm...I like to eat green vegetables
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GW may have forgotten them, but we shall never ignore their ultimate piety in the empire.
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"By Sacred Flame and Holy Bolter I Lay Thee Low in His Holy Name!"

I like this picture
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I love your work! I play 40k and you make it feel real!
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Thank you!I hope you enjoy it!:)
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In 41st millennium, there are only bad ass wafus.....
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purging the xenos beasts
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Love it. Nice work
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Why stop at the ork? Why not kill all of Warhammer 40,000?:kiwf: 
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Haha!That's a good idear!La la la la 
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