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from《Warhammer 40,000》

Battle Sister Squard

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Cool artwork, like the scars, nice details.

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FrustratedInExcelsisHobbyist Traditional Artist
You have quite the gift when it comes to drawing facial expressions.
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Thank you~
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Oh please, in the name of the Emperor, consider selling some of your works for prints!
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I'm glad you like it.

If you like, you can print one by yourself.

I should have copyright problems if I sell it.
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very nice artwork+fav 
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It is a really good art, chink. Stop supporting faggots tho.
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I always found that calling the Sororitas 'Bolter Bitches' to be... a few things.
1. Unneccesarily disrespectfull toward these breave warriorssses (how do you spell that)
2. a MASSIVE fucking risk. Imagine of one of them hears that! And you just know they have NO humor in that department.
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It depends man.

There are many different orders of Sisters but some are outright bolter bitches who shoot guardsmens in the back for no reason but "muh not zealot enough".

The others are fine by my book.

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Lilith-CroweHobbyist Writer
"Thou shalt not refer to the Sororitas as Bolter Bitches during the monthly red rage unless you wish to be the first person to enter orbit without the assistance of a rocket."
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Those blue eyes though.

Edit: isnt a bolter a bit larger, usually? Or is my mind playing tricks on me?
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Nice one! Looks great the way this looks here^^
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LeonitusHobbyist General Artist
To think SJWs, Feminazis and White Knight cucks aren't satisfied with these as they want to break lore and have female Space Marines, despite the fact that the 'Brides of the Emperor' as they were known at this particular time, barricaded themselves in the Imperial Palace and held out the Imperial Fists and Marines of other chapters. I believe even the Praetorian Rogal Dorn himself was there as well.
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werelightshineHobbyist General Artist
So cute to be mini Space Marines.
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Thank you!!!
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No problem:)
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Mauricio-MoraliProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome work! -i love the detail on the armor and the faces!
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Thank you very much!
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I'm happy to have "stumbled" over your gallery by the random hand of fate and your art is splendid,
thanks a lot for showing guess I have some more 40k art for my fave collection thanks again yangzheyy
great stuff you've got awesome all around ;)
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Thank you very much!
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Your work is truly great ! Well done!
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Thank you very much!
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