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Battle Sister

steal a little leisure from the rush of business,
Hope that the next picture will not be too long.CURSE YOU! 
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... that sword. This is definitely not something a loyal servant of the Emperor should take a selfie with. Poor girl, she's in a world of hurt.

Also, from what I can tell, everyone is too busy talking about how perfect she is to notice what she's holding. That's how powerful this picture is :)

The face tho i can stare into that face forever
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I love this picture. It is probably my favorite Sister of Battle picture.

Well, mark me down as scared and horny.
I both like the beauty and scared shes gonna kill me when she now it
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very well done
Absolutely lovely! Bloody.... But lovely! Fine work, my friend!
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Thank you very much!
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When your time is over
And we come down to take you away
You better pray to Jesus
May the serpents of god lead your way

And when you find salvation
In revelation
This is the son of the earth

And the you cross the liar.
The devil's fire
Mother as sign of rebirth

Mother Mary is a bird of prey
Bird of prey
Bird of prey

When your life is over
And the angels are falling from grace
And in the eyes of Judas
You're born on the darkest of days

An when you find elation
You are the son of the earth
And then you kill the liar.
In Satan's fire
Hell is a sign of rebirth

Mother Mary is a bird of prey
Bird of prey
Bird of prey

Stand up and pray!

"Mother Mary Is A Bird Of Prey"-Powerwolf
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Is this your poem? That's great!
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No it's a metal song by band Powerwolf.
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Look out every one there's a bad ass around here!
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Her backpack looks like she packed a pair of cats. :D
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Ha-ha! Great imagination~
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At first glance, I thought to be some damn great made cosplay. That lightened half of her face convinced me. Although I generally don't like Adepta Sororitas (I prefer Astartes dutiful dedication or Imperial Guard humanity over their zealotry) but that doesn't drop the quality of your work in my eyes.
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Thank you~I also like the Imperial Guard, and it reminds me of an ordinary soldier.
I think I'm going to try to create a few of these themes.
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this is great. can't wait to get the new codex
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Good luck to you, commander!
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holy hell what did i just witness 
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