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By yangtianli
Greta again!


This one is another tiny assignment---in fact a tutorial exercise for today.
It's to design a environment for the character we did for the last project.

So what I did was Greta taking her little pet to his hometown planet to visit his parents XD

It's actually my first try of a landscape design. It's not really polished since it's just an exercise. But I'm actually quite happy with it :)
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moji12's avatar
I like the color so lovely hometown
yangtianli's avatar
thank you so much!! :hug:
wezenbeesje's avatar
No, even better, it looks almost like how I imagine my own world. Wow...:o
yangtianli's avatar
cool :D glad we had something similar in our mind! :D
wezenbeesje's avatar
That house looks a lot like my fantasy house!! :o
Pocky-o-clock's avatar
aaawwww sssooo cccuuuttteeee :iconblushplz:
xXEternalPromise's avatar
oooh thats so cool >w<
yangtianli's avatar
thank you so much! :love: :heart:
DeskDeru's avatar
This looks absolutely lovely! And the creatures of the place look so cute; makes me wanna grab one and hug it 'till it explodes!:love:
yangtianli's avatar
thank you! :hug:
haha they are kinda balloon like but they will never exploade ;) which is a good thing for them :D
electrohouselover's avatar
thats cretures are soo cute :3

sorry for my english, im from chile
yangtianli's avatar
thank you so much!:love: dont worry about your english, my english isn't perfect either :D
electrohouselover's avatar
thanks, great colouring

greetings from chile
Mihailnoize's avatar
It looks amazing~
shenenski's avatar
i definitely like your artwork style ;P
yangtianli's avatar
thank you so much! :D
yowhandz's avatar
nice work..
nice 2 know u..
i'm new on dA...
dum-donutz's avatar
So colourful & bright! Great ideas too!
yangtianli's avatar
thanks a lot!!!:hug:
GabiGlam's avatar
Wonderful colors :hug:
yangtianli's avatar
thank you very much!! :hug: :love:
ThinkingToMach's avatar
I like those colors :3

Octopus thing are really adoroble to!
yangtianli's avatar
thank you heaps! :D :hug:
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