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Queen Bee

By yangtianli
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and a wallpaper for the first collection here :)

Hi :)

Sorry I haven't uploaded anything for a loooong time! :( work related stuff is hard to post. :(

but YES! Finally squeezed some time out for something personal! :) This picture is inspired by a bunch of images of insects on the web, and even though I hated bugs, I thought they were super pretty yet scary.

I plan to paint a series of paintings 'insect beauty' after that, and so this is the first one- which is still relatively an old theme - Queen Bee. Hopefully I get more time for painting more of them!

btw I love how the bee society works! women ftw! :P
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As someone who has a great fascination for insects and arachnids, this piece has definitely caught my interest. However, I can easily find anyone enjoying this Queen Bee, rather they like insects or not.

First I must say, the detail is incredible. I had to zoom in a little to really appreciate how much you did with some of the features such as the insect's legs, which really brings the whole piece out. I think what I like most, though, is how some of her wardrobe references the real insect. I've seen human-insect/arachnid hybrids before, but you were a little more creative with not only the hybrid portion, but her accessories as well. I like how her hair (or crown for that matter) is in the shape of a bee's head, defiantly one of my favorite features.

Overall, I think this piece is great for what it is, and I had a really hard time finding anything that needs improvement. My only suggestion is I think it would've been nice to see a little more creativity with the background, maybe the inside of a bee hive or something of that matter. However, this doesn't hurt the piece much, or even at all. Queen Bee is a great piece from a great artist, and it definitely has me coming back to see more!
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Like I said before, it doesn't hurt this piece much at all, I've seen the rest of your work and I know how capable you truly are at making great work!
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thank you so much for the critique! I really appreciate your effort!! for my next piece I will definitely put more effort into the background. :)
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The beauty of nature
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She's kind of cute
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YES!~ *bows down to the queen
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:) Fantastic. :D
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She is bee-utiful.🐝💛💛💛
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Awesome Idea! She's looking beautiful.
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I love that you included an abdomen. Most artists don't do that.
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Very beautiful.

I would like your permission to make a sculpture of clay.
this beautiful creation.

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Absolutely beautiful. :)
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I love your style and these insect designs are awesome!
Your art has been a really astonishing discovery! Congratulations for your work.
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very interesting series here
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thank you very much! :love: :hug: I'm drafting the fifth one now :D
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thank you so much!! :love: :heart: :heart:
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uff... that great
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