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[PK] Marie
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Published: October 27, 2018
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Nature: Careful
Ability: Quick feet
Move Set:

Name: Marie
Gender: Female
Birthday: 20th february
Age: 18
Height: 157cm

Relationship Status: Taken
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Lesbian

Kingdom: Diamonds
Current Residence: Castra
Occupation: Florist 
Card Rank: 5


Shy | caring | coward | helpful | lovable | anxious | forgetful | gullible | weak 

Marie is very shy and will often stutter while talking to a stranger, or even somone she had known for some time. Social events isn't something she usually goes to, or enjoys going to, but if enough of her friends are going- she will most likely follow. While she doesn't like talking to strangers, she doesn't have that much of a problem when talking to people about anything buisiness related. She's very Caring and wants people to be happy, both her family and customers. That's why she will do everything she can to be helpful. She has always had to do a lot around the house, and also had to support her family along with her brother. This was pretty easy since she has always been very helpful and loves helping people with their problems, no matter how big they were. 
Marie is very lovable and many people like her as she is very caring and kind and won't ever insult anyone or even raise her voice at them. Because of this, she has not made any enemies yet- she always tries to be as sweet as possible with the people she talk to so that she doesn't upset them in any way. 
Despite living a pretty peaceful life, she occasionally runs into trouble or someone looking for a fight. When this happens, her first reaction will be to attempt to run away. She is both a coward and very weak. She won't even attempt fighting since she knows it's not going to help much, she doesn't like hurting others. If she ever gets into a conflict she will always try to solve it with words first, and if that doesn't work- she will run. 
She is also very gullible and will believe that every person she meets is kind and that they don't have bad intentions. She has gotten into trouble multiple times by trusting the wrong people and letting them manipulate her. 

Marie grew up in a very small family- it was just her, her mom and dad, and her older brother. All her life she has lived in a pretty poor household, not always having 3 meals a day. Despite being quite poor, she found other ways to entertain herself during the day. Every day after school she would make flower crowns for all her friends and family. Although she didn't have that many friends growing up, just a few very close friend which she loved very much. Making flower crowns and bouquets was something she did very often, the house she lived in was quickly decorated with dozens of flowers. This made their empty house feel much more alive. 
During her childhood she stayed in the same house, keeping all of her friends and getting even closer to them. She's still friends with some of them today, however she is more focused and comfortable with hanging out with her girlfriend.

When both she and her brother started working, they finally managed to get enough money to eat enough every day. She was always proud of herself for being able to bring in money for her and her family. That's why she continued to work hard, so hard that she was often hired to decorate and bring in flowers for events. She really loved her job and would sell her bouquets and flower arrangements in shops. 

Her life was pretty normal and not much happened, not that she really minded it though. She wasn't exactly the type of person that wanted to go on adventures all the time. But when she met a certain knight during work, she fell in love immediately, quickly leaving her job for that day to get to know the knight better. 
After hanging out with her and getting to know her for some time, they soon became a couple and Marie was more than happy. 

She now lives a calm life, looking out for and taking care of her girlfriend while also keeping up with her job as a florist.

She loves honey and will put it on almost anything
She has a pet dog named Cloud

RP Methods: Discord
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