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[PK] Amber Ekras by yangmoon [PK] Amber Ekras by yangmoon

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Pokemon: Vulpix
Nature: Brave
Ability: Flash Fire
Move Set: 
Flame Burst

Name: Amber Ekras
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 13
Age: 20
Height: 150cm (5'0)

Relationship Status: Engaged to Gina
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Homosexual/biromantic

Kingdom: Diamonds
Current Residence: Constantly traveling
Occupation: Pirate
Card Rank: 2

|| Brave || Strict || Impatient || Judgemental || Protective || Adventurous || Honest ||
Due to growing up on a pirate ship that was constantly attacked, she is very brave, never hesitating to throw herself into battle in order to protect her friends. She will also not hesitate to tell people how she feels about them, often being brutally honest. One of the fews things she would be nervous about doing is talking about her feelings, especially if they are romantic. 

She is very strict, especially with her crew. If they do something wrong or talk back to her, she won't hesitate to scold them. Even though she might appear to be small and timid, she is the completely opposite. She is also strict to her friends, although mostly only forbidding them from doing stupid stuff- even if she might do said stupid stuff herself. Relly, all she wants to do is protect her friends from harm- even if that means being very strict with them. She will become protective of anyone she considers a friend. 

If there is one thing she hates the most, it's waiting. One of the worst situations for her would be having to stand around and do nothing but wait. As she gets bored easily, and is incredibly impatient.

She is one of those people that judge others the second she meets them, sometimes hating people for no reason other than that she had a bad feeling about them. She is very judgemental and will judge anyone and everyone, sometimes even without her noticing it. She will often remember certain things about people, analyzing them to get a better understanding of if they are a threat or a potential friend. She is very picky with the people she considers her friends, causing her to have very few friends.

As much as she loves just relaxing in the sun, she's even more adventurous Rarely staying at one place for very long, she loves exploring and meeting new people. She would often use her ship to explore, but she enjoys walking just as much- especially if she has a few friends with her.


The first 10 years of her life was a struggle, growing up on a pirate ship wasn't exactly easy. There was constant danger, but she didn't really mind- it brought more excitement into her life. She grew up together with Ace, quickly becoming friends with him. However, their friendship didn't last very long as her parents decided the pirate life didn't fit her nor their family. She was 'too young' for this, they wanted to give her a normal childhood. Wich they did, taking her with them as they moved into the diamond kingdom where she proceeded to study at Sethina mouseion and have a calm childhood.

 She made many friends in the process, but it always felt like something was missing from her life. As she grew up, she became more and more impatient, even starting to dislike the calm life she had. This wasn't for her, she wanted adventure. At age 17, she moved out and became a pirate once again. This life was a lot more fun and enjoyable, despite the occasional attack from another ship. However, she never gave up and quickly became known as one of the more dangerous pirates out there. 

She currently travels a lot, both by land and by the sea- living up to her reputation as a pirate.  

 She was born on friday the 13th
She has a strange obsession with knives
Loves the ocean, but can't swim

Rp Methods: Discord
oozngooz Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2018  Professional General Artist
born on friday the 13th but i bet she makes her own luck sparkles emoji 
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