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Ilori App by yangmoon Ilori App by yangmoon

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Pokemon: seviper
Nature: calm 
Ability: Shed Skin
Move Set: 
Poison Jab

Name: Ilori Estrea
Gender: female
Birthday: 10th December
Age: 22
Height: 172cm (5'7)

Relationship Status: single 
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Bisexual/Biromantic

Kingdom: Diamonds
Current Residence: Eureka
Occupation: Astronomer
Card Rank: 8


Cold || patient || forgiving || Caring || asocial || secretive

Ilori is very cold, rarely showing any emotions, the times that she does show her emotions it's very subtle. Of course she still feels a lot of emotions, but she doesn't express them very much. You will mostly notice this when you first meet her, but after becoming her friends she will start to be less cold and caring. She will show her care by giving her friends presents or helping them out during a hard time. She will always support her friends, always wanting to help them with their problems.

She is also very patient, having no trouble waiting for people. She will even enjoy waiting and having some time for herself where she can think. Even if she doesn't mind  waiting for others, she won't let others wait for her- often being right on time to events or even coming early. She got her patience from watching the stars all the time when she was young, waiting for something exciting to happen. 

If anyone does something wrong or is mean to her, she won't hesitate to forgive them. She will give out many chances, as long as she thinks the person deserves it. Even if she has a very forgiving nature, she won't give infinite chances. If she sees that the person isn't trying to improve or get better, she won't forgive them.

Ever since she was a child she has always been very Asocial, prefering to be alone rather then being with people. If she is invited to a party with many people, there is a pretty big chance that she won't come- unless the people invited are her friends. She tends to have a very small friend group, but she is very close to the few friends she has. Going out in public is also something she doesn't do very often, she can mostly be seen in an observatory late at night watching the stars.

Not having many friends or people to talk to caused her to be quite secretive. Unless she is talking to a very close friend, she won't bother others by telling then about herself. She doesn't see herself as very interesting, so she rarely talks about herself or shares any secrets. Trusting people is not something she does often, but she will always keep a secret if someone tells her one. 


Ilori grew up as an only child with her mother and father, the small family living in a rather big house located on a hill. Living on a hill was the perfect place for stargazing, something she would do very often. She always enjoyed watching the stars- so much that she barely got any sleep. Despite not getting any sleep, she was pretty good in school. The only thing she was lacking in was friends. Her parents would try to push her to interact with others more, but she prefered being alone rather than being with others. During most of her childhood she barely had any friends, focusing on her studies instead.

It had always been a dream of hers to become an astronomer, but her parents had other thoughts. They didn't like the idea of their daughter becoming an astronomer- they'd rather have her stay at home. She was their only daughter after all. But Ilori wasn't going to give up on her dream so easily, she was sure that that was what she wanted to do in life. So after a lot of convincing, her parents reluctantly let her study astronomy.

Once she started studying astronomy she became a lot happier. It was nice to talk to people who shared the same intersts as her, causing her to make some friends. Choosing to study astronomy was an easy choice for her, since she had always had an interest in stars and space. The years she was studying astronomy was probably the happiest she had been. Being able to watch the stars and being surrounded by friends was something she really enjoyed. 

Unfortunately, that didn't last forever and she eventually graduated. She would've loved to keep in contact with the friends she had made, but they all went their own ways. She decided to walk her own path and become an astronomer, continuing to study stars and stay awake all night. 

Loves gold
has a horrible sleep cycle
is a very heavy sleeper and is almost impossible to wake up
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