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I really just wanted an excuse to draw Tony Tony Chopper as the Medic. Deciding whether he should be healing Franky or Luffy was a pain, but I went with the latter because he has a gatling attack. And I didn't feel like spending an hour hunting down good reference pictures of Franky.

Even though Heavy/Medic is my favoritest thing ever, I don't think I'd ship these two.
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Awesomeness! <3 Just beware of Robin Spies, Usopp Snipers, Sanji Pyros, Brook Demomen, Zoro Soldiers, Nami Scouts and don't run into Engineer Franky's Sentries xD
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my life is complete now
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medic chopper make sense
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this is awesome XD
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lol cute!
And love your drawing style :3
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You should have drawn balloon Luffy to make this even more comical.

Also- I'm lovin chopper with a medic outfit.
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I mostly just wanted to draw Chopper as a Medic, but figured the joke wouldn't be complete if he didn't have a Heavy. I should have thought of the balloon thing... XD
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sorry I had to ^^;
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this won my day x3
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Mmkay. Favorited.
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