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carouseltemplate YANELYAGUILARART by YaneYing

Hey guys, so I'm one of teepublic's featured designers this week which mean my designs, including the ones above and more, are on sale as t-shirts for the week. So take a look!
I've created a tumblr just for my art and I am drawing sketch requests for the first five followers! It would mean a lot if you guys followed me on there as well, and as always I am open for commissions! 

For more info about commissions 

Thanks for reading guys! Stay tuned cause things are gonna get busy around here! 
Hi guys just wanted to let you all know that I'm open for commissions and taking as many of them as possible. So if you enjoy my artwork here's a chance to get some personal art! 

        Sketch - 5$
        Sketch with color - 8$
        Lineart - 15$
        Lineart with color -  20$
        Lineless - 15$
        Painting - 30$
    Full Body:
        Sketch -10$
        Sketch with color - 13$
        Lineart - 25$
        Lineart with color - 30$
        Lineless -  20$
        Painting - 40$
    -Backgrounds are an additional 10$
    -Every additional character is 5$

So if you would like to commission me feel free to message me here on dA, email me at, or if you have a tumblr you can send me a message there. Whatever you like best. I do ask for payment upfront, and I only accept payment via paypal. If you have any questions please don't hesitate ask!


my blog
my shop

That's right, I am finally taking commissions! I feel as though I am finally ready for this and that I've garnered enough support to go through with it. So without further a due, my prices:       

Sketch - 5$
Sketch with Color - 8$
Lineart - 15$
Lineart with Color - 20$
Lineless - 15$
Painting - 30$

Full Body:
Sketch - 10$
Sketch with Color - 13$
Lineart - 25$
Lineart with Color - 30$
Lineless - 20$
Painting - $40$

-Backgrounds are +10$
-Every additional character is +5$

If you like anything I've made in the past in particular and would like something like it, since my style varies, just let me know. Also as far as backgrounds go, if it's a simple or basic shape or just a color I won't charge the background price. I really mean for it to apply to more detailed bgs since they take awhile. 

 You can contact me here on dA through a note or just email me at 

Oh, I almost forgot, I've also opened an online shop so if you enjoy my artwork and would like to own some of it, check it out! :] 

Visit my store on Storenvy

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