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Hans' Dark Chocolate

By YaneYing
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A rich bitter sweet delight, so smooth you’ll forget its plotting to murder you and your sister in an attempt to steal your throne.

Wait, what?

Like Elsa's, this one's pretty self-explanitory.

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rmchaix's avatar
HAHAHA!!!!!... wait, what?....
shishiyoukai's avatar
ahahahhahahaah, indeed XD
Schellah's avatar
Dark chocolate XD
pinkamenamad27's avatar
aw man, how much more of this coolness can i take?!?
adrilabelle's avatar
LOL nice drawing !
YaneYing's avatar
Thank you :] 
Yukimy's avatar
Chocolate!!! :happybounce: 
I love it!!! (The drawing, no the chocolate, well, the chocolate too... xD)
MaidenInTheWoods's avatar
That description is too funny!
kissman966's avatar
i dislike dark chocolate, but I'll eat this just because it's Hans :iconbigimsopervyplz:
lubie-kisiel's avatar
Hah, this is great! Your drawing style is wonderful and this way of colouring is fantastic. Awesome work c:
YaneYing's avatar
Thank you! :]
circusdreamsandmagic's avatar
bahahaha your description includes "wait, what?" XD XD that's the biggest inside joke now with all my friends, and we just had a whole thing about it on facebook this morning. this set of chocolates pics is too precious!!
SerifeB's avatar
hansome chocolate! :D
Silverlegends's avatar
Where's Olaf's and Sven's?
YaneYing's avatar
If I had the time I would have made them too, I did have flavors set aside for them. maybe I'll get to them some day.  
Silverlegends's avatar

PStill it's a pretty cool collection (Anna and Elsa were my faves.)
VanillaDeonna's avatar
LOVE! And your description made me laugh :D
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