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Elsa's Mint Chocolate

By YaneYing
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A cool and intense mint flavor that will make you feel as though you are one with the wind and sky, paired with a chocolate so rich and delightful you’ll be singing its praises from the mountaintops. 

I think this one's kind of self-explanitory. 
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so funny!...  and i love that Elsa´s smile...
QuantumInnovator's avatar
Like Keebler Grasshopper cookies.  Nice.
clar-ityB17's avatar
Oh god, I love these~ :heart: :heart: :heart:
SpiritZodiac's avatar
Personally, I think mint chocolate suits Anna better while Elsa is white chocolate.
But whatever works for you. :)
shishiyoukai's avatar
ahahahaahah, perfect XD
frenzy-frenzy's avatar
Very beautiful drawing!Meow-thank You 
valloria's avatar
I love it, remembering how Elsa actually loves chocolate too! Chocolate 
Wickfield's avatar
Love her facial expression in this!
snowonia22's avatar
Got to love this retro look. ;)
GalitR1993's avatar
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princessofDisney27's avatar
hahhaha love this! XD Elsa and Mint chocolate is a good mix :3
circusdreamsandmagic's avatar
yes <3 all of my yes. this is fantastic!
LogicinWonderland's avatar
Yep, that's pretty dang perfect!
RadleyGL's avatar
Aww, this is sooo cute! But. . .I HATE chocolate. T^T Idk why. X3 I'm such a freak. . .
YaneYing's avatar
No, your not a freak! I actually have a really close friend who hates chocolate too, the only kind of chocolate you'll get her to eat is white chocolate, oddly enough, but yeah she won't eat anything else, not even cake. 
RadleyGL's avatar
Haha! I'm the same way! I only eat white chocolate.

But yeah. My whole family eat chocolate. So when it comes to snacks or Valintine's Day, everything is chocolate. So when I want to snack on something, I can't. :I Its tough to be a non-chocolate lover. Kido Tsubomi (Noticed) [V6] 
bluebell5656's avatar
I like white chocolate AND every other type of chocolate in the known universe... except mint. Oh! And those chocolate-covered crickets and stuff you see on TV. You couldn't get that in my mouth if you paid me. Do you like lollipops? Or heart candies? Those are good!Pinkie Chibi Pie Dancing 
E-Ocasio's avatar
Haha, this is too cute, love all the chocolates you made of the movie. :thumbsup:
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E-Ocasio's avatar
You're welcome. 
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