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Well, I'm still using Paint Shop Pro. I am such a creature of habit...hrrmmmm. Slowly, but surely, I'm refining my skills, and I want to work more with shading as definition in images. At first, I wanted to go for the comic style look, then I wanted to go for realistic.

After seeing so great artists here, and my disastrous attempts at both, I have officially decided to create my own style. I'm fairly proud of what I've achieved in the last month or so. I should imagine in a few years, I'll be good enough to sell my art work. Even if I'm not, I really enjoyed it. 
On a first note, I'm working on another image. This time it's a panther man by hellsong-diabla. This one is a real challenge, but I'm wrangling it by its tail and making it beg for mercy. (Sure I am.) Looking into a Wacom Bamboo as well. I swear by the grey beard of a Pastafazooly that I will conquer the art of coloring fine hair. Even if it kills me.

I finally got around to posting my Karmic Payback graphic novel. I do the initial work on Poser, than play for an indeterminate amount of time with the image in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. I'm working on three graphic novels and will probably get around to sharing them sooner or later. 

I also finished work on two websites: (my writing persona) and (my artist and book cover side). Now that was a frustrating week, trying to get the code and making every page work like it's suppose to. Playing (hrmmm....coloring, folks) with the Panther man is my reward for all the dutiful, non frivolous work thingy...stuff. 

Slowly but surely I'm learning how this place works. In between doing my book covers, my art work, my writing, and making Christmas ornaments. Which, if I get better pictures of them, I should post the ornaments here. 

Usually I work in Paint Shop Pro, but I'm discovering it's not really what I need as I advance in my art work. But I'm such a creature of habit, I'm loathe to give it up. I love my PPP. Wahhhh!!!!

However, in the interest of not pulling out my hair, I'm gonna try Painter X3. It says hundreds of brushes, etc. Maybe I can get that fine hair look I'm so desperately attempting to achieve.