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OC batarian female Shenzira
Long thought of whether they have "whiskers", or a privilege of men. [link] [link]
Now I think that with them charismatic.

The analysis of the anatomy in my view [link]
Разборки с анатомией, по ссылке выше.

Знакомьтесь, батарианка Шензира, новая личность в моей шизоидной голове)
я долго думала еть ли у женщин эти "усики" или это мужская привилегия... по моему с ними харизматичней и ксенофиличней, а без них получается лысая тётка с четырьмя глазами.
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not the tali not the tali! XD
I'd say that she is abit too cat-like to be a believable batarian, but meh... I prefer to enjoy the picture.
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I admit you made an awsome female batarian!
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Yep, I'd love her. :P
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:love: Lovely idea, original!
Plumwinebunny's avatar
Beautiful I love this!
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Managing to make a Batarian quite attractive. Impressive. :)
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beautiful colors. :)
Chatterbox1991's avatar
now i love batarians. "FOR KHAR'SHAN!!!!!!" :D
MumeiTheRogue's avatar
Damn, that's a fierce chick! :D
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NOT BAD :) Я согласна, с усиками лучше смотрится)
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Interesting, I like your take on a Female!Batarian. I like her suit as well,nice to see she's got pouches and drop-legs to stow her gear. The biotic glow is done in a style I haven't seen very often, but it still looks very good (most traditionally done biotic glows are a little lacking)

But, the curve on her spine is a little extreme, that could be part of their anatomy, but it looks a little painful. The shape of her sidearm looks a little off, but I've only played ME1 and 2, so it could be a model I'm not familiar with.

Overall, I really like it, keep up the good work!
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Thanks for the detailed commentary! can explain everything, especially her pose more stylized cartoon. BUT, imagine I am very flexible, doing dance and get up to an even more extreme positions, although popolat, calmly. Biotic stylized, too, it does not matter, because the work is just a sketch for an hour. Image. Pistol batarian production, refined, this is not in the game, but as batarian female
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You did this in an hour? Wow, it looks really good, keep up the good work!
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Yes, I have little time to do so, often limited to the outline. Thank you again)
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very nice. I vote for more batarian love, you really don't see much......for at least I haven't....
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