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Shenzira 2

By Yanarada
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OC batarian female Shenzira, extension of the concept [link]
I am madly in love how it turned out a smile ^_^
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my oc wouldnt mind having her on the ship 
RyadrusTheWolfDragon's avatar
Damn, never thought i'd find a Batarian cute :P good work!
unit-3992's avatar
This is really cool! We never see Batarian females
Gigi-FenixPhoenix's avatar
Hello! This beautiful piece has been featured here: [link]
squirrelmobster's avatar
This is absolutely fantastic.
burt86's avatar
Great character design - she looks very nice.
redrose-melody's avatar
I love the desing!!!
WOW a Female batarian that looks good i am amazde
Kellaishleya's avatar
Whoah... I, like, actually like batarians now! xD I always sort of wondered what their females looked like, and I must say, you've done a fabulous job. Still properly alien looking, but also still beautiful. And the smile is perfect. xD
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RolueVasReisa's avatar
Well i think she looks very beautiful and gorgeous despite what anyone says =)
Damn! this should be in the game. Very good job
Hamsterloki's avatar
Batarian women.. I strangely despise them slightly less than the males ._.

Welp, there's always angry sex.
Ihavenoname323's avatar
....They don't have four nipples, do they? xD Just kidding. Nice work on this!
Belanna42's avatar
This is very well done!! :)
Antelope77's avatar
You didn't have to censor it ^-^
Yanarada's avatar
Oh, people are different, many do not like, I have to reinsure.
Antelope77's avatar
I understand, however it does not go against DA rules to show that. That was the only point i was trying to get across. Trust me, take off the filter and take a stroll on the darker side of DA and you'll see why deviant is in front of the word art.
Odrobinka's avatar
There's just not enough pretty Batarian girls here on DA... I'd gladly see some more works with her :)
Yanarada's avatar
Thank you! Here is the image of [link] There will still work with her, and at least one serious, try to make a full-fledged)
Odrobinka's avatar
I like, how You manage to keep all Batarian features and still make her pretty. I gave up on that ;) Can't wait to see her again :)
CrazyMammoth1's avatar
this is a nice design my only comment is she looks too friendly, from what we've seen of Batarian culture they don't come off as very happy upbeat people lol
Yanarada's avatar
Thank you very much) Well, then Bakara was not typical wise about her race
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