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Love line in ME3 batarian

By Yanarada
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I want to do! Batarians in M3
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TheR3mnanT's avatar
Never seen a female Batarian before, looks good
reban's avatar
wow! If batarian females really do look like this, they're definatly giving the asari a run for their credits!
Dermiti's avatar
Very well done concept on a female Batarian! I like!
Razgriz-Ghost22's avatar
Awesome picture man! No not the fact that there is nudity but it really captures Batarian anatomy well, especially since I don't think we've seen a female Batarian yet.
Razgriz-Ghost22's avatar
Ughhh there was a glitch and I accidentally posted this three times, my bad man.
Yanarada's avatar
There is no problem) Thank you, very nice!
Razgriz-Ghost22's avatar
PakPolaris's avatar
her vajayjay!! its showing!!
Golden-Koi's avatar
Wow! This is really neat. I just read one of the kind of corny Mass Effect novels that mentions batarians a lot, so it's nice to see an artists interpretation : ) The color gradient looks great!
Razgriz-Ghost22's avatar
Corny? I think the novels are fantastic hell the first three have been written by the main writer for the games. I'm a little worried about the third one being written by an unknown but I trust that Bioware will keep it true to the series so far.
Golden-Koi's avatar
Heh, I guess I meant corny as in, I feel like a giant geek for reading official fan-fic and I'm slightly embarassed to admit it.
Razgriz-Ghost22's avatar
Well the novels are more side stories than fan-fiction, again they're written by someone that was directly involved with the games. So far I have read two of the three books and I loved them. Don't feel embarrassed about being passionate over something we all have things that we enjoy!
Golden-Koi's avatar
You know, I actually considered starting the third one tonight, and still may. I don't think that Drew Karpyshyn writes as good of a novel as a does a game, but it was some nice affirmation to read that Saren was always a big jerk, even before he went off the deep end, heh. In any case, reading the first book gave me some appreciation for your art : )
Razgriz-Ghost22's avatar
Oh this isn't mine. I agree that he's definitely a better script writer than a novel writer, he doesn't get descriptive enough about some things I think and if I hadn't played the games I might not understand what some of the creatures and locations look like.
'Hell. I'd still hit it.'
Shelest92's avatar
Вот это точно батарианка) как сказали в Биовар, они не стали парится с этой расой,а просто прикрутили к человеческому телу голову батарианца)
CenturyKing's avatar
Thank you thank you thaaaaank you!!

I deffinitly bet this is how Batarian women look like! :D
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